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Obama Gives Kanye West Some Tips for Presidential Run

If you’re going to run for president, Kanye West, we competence as good listen to someone who’s been there and finished that.

“I do have some recommendation for him,” President Barack Obama pronounced during a West Coast fundraiser featuring an coming by a rapper. “Just some things that I’ve picked adult on a way.”

When West seemed on a MTV Video Music Awards final month, he announced that he would run for boss in 2020.

Image: Kanye West accepts a Video Vanguard Award during a 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles

Obama’s Tip No. 1 could have been directed during existence TV star incited presidential claimant Donald Trump — and maybe a few others in a swarming GOP field.

“First of all, you’ve got to spend a lot of time traffic with some bizarre characters who act like they’re on a existence TV show,” Obama said. “So you’ve only to be cold with that.”

Tip No. 2 referenced West’s fifth studio album. “Saying that we have a ‘Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ — that’s what’s famous as ‘off-message’ in politics,” Obama said. “You can’t contend something like that. There are a lot of people who have mislaid their congressional seats observant things like that.”

Tip No. 3 strike a Chicago-raised West tighten to home. “Do we unequivocally consider that this nation is going to elect a black man from a South Side of Chicago with a humorous name to be boss of a United States?” Obama asked. “That is crazy. That’s cray!”

Obama, aka POTUS, also joked that West has his possess nickname for a chairman in a White House — Peezy (that’s someone who is really, unequivocally cool).

West also is meditative about using for orator of a House, Obama cracked.

“Couldn’t get any stranger,” he said.

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