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Obama Travels To Orlando In Wake Of Nightclub Massacre


President Obama and Vice President Biden are in Orlando, a city still entrance to grips with Sunday’s electrocute during a happy nightclub. A gunman there killed 49 people and bleeding dozens more.


The boss has been assembly with survivors and a families of those who died, and he has usually delivered a debate in Orlando. As he pronounced progressing this week, a boss is again observant this is a time to simulate on how to finish a assault and taste opposite a LGBT community. As shortly as we have audio of his comments, we will move that to you.

SHAPIRO: We’re going to hear now from dual people who have been examination President Obama respond to mass shootings via his dual terms. Joining us by Skype is Corey Ealons. He’s a comparison clamp boss during VOX Global, a Washington open family firm. And before that, he served as communications confidant to President Obama. Thanks for being with us.

COREY EALONS: Thank we all.

MCEVERS: And here with us is NPR White House match Scott Horsley. Hi, Scott.

SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: Kelly, good to be with you.

MCEVERS: So there’s apparently a lot of symbolism trustworthy to this visit. What is a summary that boss Obama wants to send?

HORSLEY: Well, it’s partly personal. The boss pronounced he hold and hugged a lamentation family members in Orlando today, yet it is, as we say, also symbolic. He is arrange of station in for all a people in this republic who have been changed by what happened in Orlando and who wish to, in some way, uncover their support for that city and those families that are grieving.

SHAPIRO: And Scott, this is sadly a kind of revisit that a boss is all too informed with.

HORSLEY: we have accompanied a boss when he’s done these kinds of trips many times, we know – Aurora, Colo., Newtown, Conn., Charleston, S.C. The list goes on and on. The boss has been privately overwhelmed by those visit, and he positively shares a grief of those who’ve mislaid desired ones. Also, as a boss and a policymaker, he has to consider severely about what we competence do as a republic to respond to these attacks and make them some-more difficult.

One of a things he pronounced currently is that while a motives of a gunman in some of these opposite mass shootings competence be opposite – maybe it’s mental illness in one case; maybe it’s hatred or terrorism in another; maybe it’s motives that are famous usually to that sold – a instruments are similar. And he has pronounced regularly that one thing for us to consider about as a republic is how easy it is for people who are focussed on this kind of mayhem to get their hands on dangerous weapons.

MCEVERS: And Corey Ealons, we wish to spin to you. How have we seen a boss change over time as he responds to these attacks?

EALONS: Well, a initial response he had was after a Fort Hood incident. And since that was on a troops base, even yet it was a comfortless incident, he was responding to folks who were portion in a military, so that takes on a really opposite vibe. You could indeed see him physically and mentally start to shift, emotionally start to change when a Sandy Hook occurrence occurred. we mean, we all remember him station during that podium, wiping behind a tears from his eyes, perplexing not to cry, perplexing to collect himself as he was giving his comments from a lecture room in a White House.

And afterwards of march usually final year in Charleston, he usually simply pennyless down. He usually simply motionless he could not enclose a tension he felt since he’s changed from a duration of perplexing to console a republic and console a families to also being visibly indignant about these situations any time they occur. And we saw that again usually this week.

SHAPIRO: So Corey, as we report that progression, we know, it’s tough not to notice that these were also opposite targets, either we speak about a school, a black church, a happy nightclub. What are we going to be listening for in a president’s comments in Orlando today?

EALONS: Well, we consider currently is singular since it is an conflict on one community, on a LGBT community. And we know how most extensive swell we’ve done in polite rights for that village over a past several years, so we consider we’re going to hear a specific summary for those folks as good and how – noticing how they’ve come together as a village not usually in Orlando yet all over a country. We’ve seen them acquire any other and confirm that they’re going to do something about this. And we consider you’re going to see a boss acknowledge that today.

MCEVERS: And Scott, not usually a fact that this was – that a LGBT village was a aim in this conflict – a gunman also affianced devotion during a conflict to ISIS. How do we consider that colors this visit?

HORSLEY: Yes, so there’s a lot of opposite cranky currents in this sold incident. But a boss was really discerning to acknowledge that this was a sold village that was targeted. He pronounced on Sunday that this was quite distressing for a associate Americans who are happy and lesbian. And in simply noticing that and describing a LGBT village as a friends and associate Americans, a boss was creation a matter about a place that village now has in a American village – not always loyal when happy bars have come underneath conflict in a past.

And afterwards you’re positively right. The fact that this is – that a gunman in this box pledged, in a midst of a attack, his devotion to ISIS adds another fold and positively provides arrange of another boogey male for a republic to concentration on as we try to combat with how to understanding with these sorts of attacks.

SHAPIRO: Let’s listen to a small bit of a president’s remarks from progressing this week. We have that tape.


BARACK OBAMA: This is a sobering pointer that attacks on any American regardless of race, ethnicity, sacrament or passionate course is an conflict on all of us and on a elemental values of equivalence and grace that conclude us as a country. No act of hatred or apprehension will ever change who we are or a values that make us Americans.

MCEVERS: And Scott, a boss also met with law coercion during this Orlando visit. Again, it’s not a initial time he’s done that a priority, right?

HORSLEY: That’s right. He wanted to demonstrate his interjection for a folks who rushed into a bar and, in this case, did assistance to rescue dozens of people who were being hold warrant there. We also design a boss to compensate reverence to a doctors and nurses who cared for a bleeding and a typical people – a friends who were in a club, perhaps, or a folks who came out to a bar after to assistance their neighbors and their friends.

He’ll speak about how communities convene during times like this, a escape of support we’ve seen from people who were in a club, around a club, a countless people in Orlando who stood in a prohibited object for hours to present blood. As a president’s motorcade done a approach by Orlando today, we could see some of a black of that village support – vast rainbow flags and a pointer outward a Harley-Davidson play observant simply, urge for Orlando.

SHAPIRO: You know, Corey, we talked about how a boss indeed feels really emotionally connected to these events, and he also has a purpose to play as a country’s personality when Congress is debating policies surrounding guns and so forth. How does he change those dual roles?

EALONS: Well, we mean, that’s accurately right. we mean, a initial priority in these speeches is to console a families and a communities – a internal communities – and to give them solace. The second indicate is to console a nation, to give them some clarity of wish entrance out of tragedies like this. But afterwards a final thing – and we consider that you’re going to hear this currently as good some-more sincerely – a domestic summary that this is something that we can do. We can repair this if we confirm to act in Washington. So we consider you’re going to hear that sincere summary entrance from a boss currently as well.

SHAPIRO: That’s Corey Ealons, comparison clamp boss during a PR organisation VOX Global who was a communications confidant to President Obama progressing in a administration – as good as NPR’s Scott Horsley. Thanks to we both.

HORSLEY: You’re welcome.

EALONS: Thank you, Folks.

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