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Office romance: Love is still in a air

WORKING IT OUT on a pursuit is a day-to-day existence for any integrate concerned in a workplace romance, quite these days. Tony Dokoupil has been articulate to some of a couples who’ve been creation it work:

In Hershey, Pennsylvania, a rush is on … a fuzz of Hershey’s Kisses. Close to a billion will be done usually for this Valentine’s Day.

And if we need an even bigger sip of something sweet, usually watch Kay and Rob Wagner peep “love” signs on their approach to work.

“When we travel into work together and he goes to go out a door, we usually kinda both go like that to any other,” pronounced Kay.


Kay Wagner, with father and associate Hershey’s worker Rob, flashes her “love” sign.

She and Rob met on their initial day during work. “We were sitting in orientation, and I’d demeanour behind any now and then, and thought, ‘Oh, flattering lady behind there!'” he laughed. “And a rest is history!” 

They fell in adore on a bureau floor. 


Kay and Rob met on their initial day during work during Hershey’s. 

“He would make me laugh,” Kay said.

They’ve been co-workers now for 22 years. For 21 of those years, they’ve also been father and wife. 

And they’re not alone during Hershey’s, where adore and work brew about as good as divert and cocoa.

The complicated workplace is one of America’s many arguable matchmakers.

It brought together Michelle and Barack Obama; Bill and Melinda Gates; and Dokoupil met his wife, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur, during work, in a makeup room during NBC.


Katy Tur and Tony Dokoupil with a sermon of thoroughfare for immature marrieds: Putting together a bookcase.

Dokoupil asked a Wagners, “Do we consider it’s still probable in this day and age to have a intrigue like yours during work?”

“I do,” Rob replied.

“If we trust in it, yes,” Kay agreed.

But adore on a time has soured recently.

“In a meridian today, especially, things are some-more gray than ever,” pronounced Rosemary Haefner, a arch tellurian resources officer for Career Builder — a match-maker for employers and employees.

According to their latest survey, usually about a third of people (36%) have antiquated a co-worker, or will acknowledge to it … a lowest in 10 years.

In response to a #MeToo movement, of women with stories of passionate nuisance and worse, companies are revamping their dating policies. “Each classification is going to confirm what’s best for them,” pronounced Haefner. “Some contend no dating. Some contend brand yourself to HR and fill out a adore contract.” 

Yes, a love contract, differently famous as a “Consensual Romance in a Workplace Agreement.”

In response to a #MeToo transformation of people with stories of passionate nuisance (and worse), companies are looking for new ways to strengthen their workers.  “It’s unequivocally formidable to control a outcome when it is dual tellurian beings entrance together, either it’s in an bureau sourroundings or outside,” Haefner said. 


At Southwest Airlines, adore is unequivocally in a air. 

Dokoupil forked out to Elizabeth Bryant, clamp boss during Southwest Airlines University, “Your batch ticker pitch is LUV.  ‘Love is in a air’?”

“Love is in a air! LUV is a batch pitch and it’s also a domicile — we fly out of Love Field!” Bryant said.

She pronounced Southwest prides itself on one emotion: “If we have an sourroundings where people caring for any other and can be themselves entrance to work any day, that naturally leads to friendships, relationships, infrequently marriages!”

Bryant’s husband, Torry, also works during a airline, that creates one of about 1,500 LUV couples.”


Just a few of a hundreds of couples during Southwest Airlines.

There are manners about workplace relationships, such as a anathema on supervisors dating subordinates.

Dokoupil asked, “At any point, did we find yourself thinking, ‘Maybe we need to power in a enlightenment to strengthen ourselves and a employees’?”

“If there’s misbehavior, afterwards we conduct a misbehavior,” Bryant replied. “The enlightenment that we have here is one that is authentic. It’s transparent. It unequivocally is founded in holding caring of one another. It’s worked for us for 45 years.”

To hear Southwest Airlines tell it, whenever adore takes flight, so does business.

Dokoupil asked, “So, a enlightenment that we consider is best for a business also happens to emanate relationships?”


“You can’t get one but a other?”

“Well, we consider we have always believed that if we take caring of a employees first, they will naturally take caring of their customers,” Bryant said. “And if we take caring of a customers, a business will come back.”

Customers competence notice moody attendants Dean and Terri Hanson — a group both adult in a air, and on a ground, too.

“It’s unequivocally critical for us to keep a work attribute professional,” Dean said. “We don’t ever wish to move any of a problems to work.”

Is it formidable to work with her husband? “No,” laughed Terri. “I mean, I’m his best audience, initial of all.”


Southwest Airlines moody attendants Terri and Dean Hanson are a group adult in a atmosphere – and on a ground, too.

The dual met on a training moody 18 years ago. Now they’re a group on a ground, too. The married integrate usually bought a home — in Loveland, Colorado.

“This is a career,” Terri said. “We’re not going anywhere for a prolonged time.”

Dean added, “We’re in adore with this company. We’re in adore with any other. And we adore operative together. This is a loyal Valentine’s Day for us.”

Back during Hershey’s, Rob and Kay Wagner are creation certain those kisses get out on time — and saving a few for any other (just not a chocolate kind).

“Buy me a bag of potato chips,” Kay laughed.” “I would most rather have that.”

No chocolate? “No. No. No,” she said. 

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