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OkCupid invites ‘non-monogamous’

The new underline also looks earnest for “couples dating,” he pronounced — dual people looking for someone together though carrying to emanate a corner profile.

“It’s good news though it’s not usually OkCupid being generous,” he added. “It’s obvious in a poly village that if we wish to date online we go to OkCupid. What we’re unequivocally saying is non-monogamous purchasing power.”

OkCupid straightforwardly admits that a underline comes in response to flourishing seductiveness among users in relations with some-more than one chairman during a time, be it flings, infrequent hookups or committed relationships.

From 2010 to 2015, a site saw an boost from in certain responses associated to mixed partners, OkCupid arch product officer Jimena Almendares said, including “Would we cruise dating someone who is already concerned in an open or polyamorous relationship?” and “Would we cruise being partial of a committed polyamorous relationship?”

“Now, couples can brand themselves, and users acid for a non-monogamous attribute can find them some-more easily,” Almendares said. “Also, users acid for monogamous relations usually will not see profiles of users in non-monogamous relationships.”

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