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OkCupid: Millennials contend personal politics can make or mangle a relationship


A new check finds efforts to inspire voter audience seem to be working, only in time for a vicious midterm elections. Nathan Rousseau Smith has a story.

The ideal online dating form includes information about your interests, personality and hobbies.

What about your voting record?

New information from online dating site OkCupid shows politics is personification an increasingly critical purpose in dating. In an research of over 300,000 answers from OkCupid users that make adult their dating profiles, 85 percent of millennial group and women pronounced voting was “extremely or unequivocally important” to them.

The analysis comes only weeks before a 2018 midterms, in that audience among immature voters could have a outrageous impact on internal and state races. Defined as those who are 18-29 years old, a immature voter demographic has historically had a lowest audience in midterm choosing years.

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OkCupid’s research looked during users innate between 1980 and 1997; people innate within those years are generally referred to as millennials.

 Melissa Hobley, arch selling officer during OkCupid, pronounced a information reflects a growing trend among millennial users: voting with your dating app. 

“Your politics matter, and millennials voting in a bedroom is a thing,” she said.

Hobley pronounced that given President Donald Trump’s inauguration, OkCupid has seen a “massive spike” in domestic terms on user profiles.

“People are flocking to tell us how they feel about (politics), and to some-more importantly have that impact their intensity adore matches,” she said.

The information show that politics is a “dealbreaker or dealmaker” for many OkCupid users, Hobley said. In many cases, respondents pronounced they would not date someone who didn’t share their domestic beliefs. 

Seventy-three percent of millennial women and 56 percent of millennial group pronounced they would prefer a partner who votes for a same celebration they do.

“They don’t even wish to see somebody that competence not be intent in a topics they caring about,” Hobley pronounced of OkCupid’s users. “But that doesn’t always meant people wish to see someone who thinks a approach they do. It means that they wish people that care.”  

That distinction seemed to request generally to millennial women; 75 percent said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t support a #MeToo movement, and 46 percent pronounced they wouldn’t date a nonvoter.

However, 77 percent of a millennial group pronounced they’d date someone who didn’t vote. Hobley pronounced a gender order could be attributed to millennial women feeling like their lives will be “directly impacted” by their choice of partner.

Particularly in courtesy to a #MeToo movement, Hobley pronounced some women competence be aroused of carrying a partner who wouldn’t support them if they had a disastrous experience. 

“What we’re observant is there’s a fear by some immature women that certain rights competence be during risk, so they are voting in a bedroom and on their dating apps in a same approach they are voting during a polls,” Hobley said. 

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Ahead of a 2018 midterms, Hobley pronounced OkCupid combined questions seeking users about a significance of participating in internal and state elections. More than half of millennial users pronounced they opinion in midterm and internal elections, and they were some-more expected to design a regretful partner to do a same. 

For Hobley, a information shows that OkCupid users – and millennials in ubiquitous – are some-more politically intent than one competence think. 

“Millennials get a bad swat for people observant they’re lazy, they don’t care, they don’t work hard,” she said. “We consider it’s unequivocally pleasing that what we’re observant is millennials caring so sexually about topics that they’re regulating it to play a purpose in their dating knowledge and they’re regulating it to assistance find people.”

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