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Ollie & Moon travels to Italy, Finland

Federation Kids Family and Cottonwood Media, a placement and prolongation companies, respectively, behind The Ollie Moon Show, have sole a toon to Super! in Italy and YLE in Finland.

According to The Ollie Moon Show producer David Michel, these moves lay a grounds for a long-term chartering plan for a show, that now reaches 150 territories.

The 52 x 11-minute array has also been picked adult by NBCUniversal Sprout (US), TVO (Canada), Discovery LatAm, D-Kids (MENA) and VRT (Belgium).

The Ollie Moon Show follows dual extraordinary cats as they transport around a world. The uncover mixes charcterised felines with live-action credentials and is formed on a bestselling book array by author/illustrator Diane Kredensor (Pink and a Brain, Clifford a Big Red Dog).

Article source: http://kidscreen.com/2017/03/23/ollie-moon-travels-to-italy-finland/