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On ‘Big Brother,’ America Gets a Reality-TV Politics It Deserves

“No, it’s going to not be O.K.,” Ms. Newman said. “It’s not. It’s so bad.”

Once one of Mr. Trump’s many constant boosters — she told a “Frontline” documentary crew before a choosing that “every critic, each detractor, will have to crawl down to President Trump” — now pronounced she wouldn’t opinion for him again, “in a million years, never.”

Her admission was punctuated by a kind of distant-thunder soundtrack that played during boardroom smackdowns on “The Apprentice.”

It was a Frost/Nixon talk for a Trump era, when politics and existence TV have turn inseparable and indistinguishable. Television, from “Fox and Friends” in a morning to “Big Brother” during night, is now a fourth bend of government.

In a “Good Morning America” interview in December, after she was escorted off a White House grounds after reports of clashes with comparison staff, Ms. Newman done usually a temperate anxiety to “uncomfortable” situations on a job.

But she non-stop adult in a association of her peers. One of them, a singer Keshia Knight-Pulliam of “The Cosby Show,” was also once a competitor on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where she was dismissed by Mr. Trump for not carrying called Bill Cosby to assistance with a challenge.

When Ms. Knight-Pulliam criticized Ms. Newman for station by “the hatred that that debate kind of incited,” Ms. Newman compared her faithfulness with Ms. Knight-Pulliam’s supporting Mr. Cosby by countless accusations of rape. “Only we know a middle workings of your attribute with Mr. Cosby,” Ms. Newman said. “That’s a same thing with me and Mr. Trump.”

I would not have pegged “Celebrity Big Brother” as a uncover where, in a Trump and #MeToo eras, America would work by a ethics of enabling absolute group indicted of abuses. But here we are.


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There is a kind of literary balance to Ms. Newman’s smiting her former trainer with a really collection he taught her to use. Omarosa was a knave of “The Apprentice,” though she played a diversion in a many Trumpian way.

Piers Morgan and Ms. Newman on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” NBC

She famous that a uncover was a competition not of business astuteness though of removing and leveraging attention. She combined dispute in a faith that disharmony yields opportunity. She denied mistakes even when she’d done them on camera. She didn’t win a season, though she won a larger esteem of fame.

She was so successful that Mr. Trump had her behind dual some-more times a nd also produced, and seemed on, a TV One dating uncover for her — “Donald J. Trump Presents a Ultimate Merger” — all before employing her for a White House position whose duties few people were means to describe.

A few caveats are in sequence about Ms. Newman’s “Welcome to a Resistance” moment. Reality shows are edited for limit sensation. Her warnings were apocalyptic though unspecific. As a competitor on “The Apprentice,” she schooled that play is what saves we from a modifying room floor. She competence be meddlesome in creation a book deal, or simply in repair her open brand. As Mr. Mathews put it: “I don’t know if it’s real. Would we trust her?”

Those competence have been stronger rebuttals to Ms. Newman’s comments than what a emissary White House press secretary, Raj Shah, offering Thursday to a contributor from — of march — CBS.

The White House addressed Ms. Newman’s “Celebrity Big Brother” comments on Thursday. Associated Press

“Omarosa was dismissed 3 times on ‘The Apprentice,’ and this is a fourth time we’ve let her go,” he said. It was a rebound insult that suggested that a Trump administration is partial of a same long-running account as “The Apprentice,” and lifted a doubt of because she was hired in a initial place.

But to advise that Ms. Newman competence have been personification to a cameras would have compulsory a administration of Mr. Trump — who campaigned on a decisive-leader picture that “The Apprentice” stage-managed for him — to commend that existence TV can communicate an false sense of people.

How most some-more Ms. Newman has to say, and how most time she’ll have to contend it, is nonetheless to be seen. But she’s protected from being voted out of a residence for now, carrying conveniently won shield from a initial ejection.

The network, if not a White House, contingency be happy. The Wednesday premiere of a three-week array was a highest-rated show of a night. During a 2016 Republican primary, a CBS authority Leslie Moonves said of Mr. Trump’s campaign, “It might not be good for America, though it’s damn good for CBS.”


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He was some-more right than he knew.

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