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On Politics: Democrats Continue to Gain as More Midterm Races Are Finalized

Despite a gloomy choosing final week, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California looks set to turn House minority leader. Read some-more about Mr. McCarthy — and his chances of securing a new role.

For weeks before a midterms, Mr. Trump warned ominously about a hazard from a train of migrants streaming toward a United States border. But usually a week after a election, he has forsaken a emanate roughly entirely.

An eccentric bipartisan elect resolved in a neatly vicious news that stretched army and bill shortfalls have expel doubt on a Pentagon’s plan to confront tellurian threats, in a challenge to Mr. Trump’s joining to support a clever military.

Mr. Trump’s trade quarrel is stoking an inner quarrel among his tip mercantile advisers, with officials ring over a White House’s proceed to traffic with China and other trade partners. Here’s some-more on a feuding.


Today’s On Politics lecture was gathered by Margaret Kramer in New York.

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