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On Politics: Trump Says He Won’t Sit With Mueller

Gov. Rick Scott became Florida’s subsequent senator on Sunday, a attainment behind by a exhausting 12-day recount. After all a opinion -tallying, indictment -trading and lawsuit -filing, Mr. Scott’s opponent, Senator Bill Nelson, supposed better once a primer relate showed him still trailing. Read some-more about a recount.

The authorised and domestic skirmishing in Florida, Republicans and Democrats say, has been an meaningful dry run for messaging and strategy about rascal and opinion hidden that bluster to serve criticise certainty in a electoral system. Read a story.

California Democrats finished their brush of a congressional commission in Orange County as Gil Cisneros degraded Young Kim, a Republican, to constraint a chair in what had once been a Republican bastion. Read some-more about a Democratic rout.

Tech giants have found pivotal allies among Democrats for years, a bond strengthened by mutual interests and debate donations. But a year of scandals has forced a tab in Washington. Read a story.

The administrator of Kansas is among several officials job for a white county commissioner to renounce after he used a tenure “master race” while addressing a black consultant during a open assembly this week. Read a story.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/19/us/politics/on-politics-trump-says-he-wont-sit-with-mueller.html