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On Politics: Trump Threatens Shutdown Over Funding for Border Wall

Reverting course, Senator Mitch McConnell pronounced a Senate would opinion on a estimable rapist probity check before a finish of a year. Mr. Trump is now on a fork of claiming one of a initial truly bipartisan legislative achievements of his presidency.

The Senate simply upheld an desirous $867 billion plantation bill, rejecting stricter work mandate for food stamp recipients embraced by a House and a president. Here’s some-more on a legislative reserve net for farmers.

The United States troops is questioning a weekend car collision in Niger that killed a French soldier. The driver, an American Green Beret, is suspected of inebriated driving.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s arch executive, was grilled by a House Judiciary Committee about all from hunt disposition claims to information privacy. Read some-more about a tension-filled hearing.

Meng Wanzhou of a Chinese association Huawei was postulated bail while available extradition from Canada to a United States. The United States claims she cheated financial institutions and caused them to violate sanctions opposite Iran.


Today’s On Politics lecture was gathered by Margaret Kramer and Isabella Grullón Paz in New York.

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