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On Politics With Lisa Lerer: The Midterms Are Over. Now What?

How do all a “firsts” change Congress?

It was a historic night for American women. With some formula still being tallied, a dozen women were inaugurated to a Senate, 96 women were inaugurated to a House and 9 women will offer as administrator — and 42 of those are women of color.

Many of these will be firsts, including a initial Muslim women, a initial Native American women and a initial Latinas from Texas inaugurated to Congress. During their campaigns, some of these possibilities done a pithy box that their temperament would be an item for their districts.

We’re vehement to see what a impact of larger farrago might be in Congress. Does it change a process agenda? Create new alliances?

What have we schooled about politics in Trump era?

After 2016, it was an unused doubt either Mr. Trump’s feat was a propitious mangle opposite a diseased competition or a pointer he had tapped into a domestic shift. Now, we know a result, if not a answer: Mr. Trump has sparked a inhabitant domestic realignment.

Suburban areas packaged with affluent, rarely prepared independents, assuage Republicans and those “Panera moms” (I hatred a name, too; open to other ideas!) voted for Democrats as a approach of channeling their antipathy for a president, flipping long-held G.O.P. districts outward of cities like Houston, Dallas and Richmond.

Rural areas, meanwhile, got even stronger in their support for Mr. Trump, re-electing Republican possibilities like Representative Steve King of Iowa, who’s cavorted with white nationalists, and Representative Chris Collins of New York, who’s underneath complaint for insider trading.

Two years into Mr. Trump’s presidency, we are some-more divided than ever.

Now we wish to hear from we — did we knowledge a country’s domestic separate in your possess life this midterm season?

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