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Online scorn greets Visit Malaysia Year 2020’s logo

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly-unveiled trademark to foster a Visit Malaysia Year 2020 debate has drawn widespread sneers and jeers on a Internet.

Many netizens have mocked a trademark as they feel that it is of bad pattern for such an critical programme to foster a country.

The logo, designed to demeanour like a postage stamp, facilities an Orang Utan hugging a beak gorilla and a turtle on a beach, all wearing sunglasses and a Petronas Twin Towers.

It carries a tagline –Travel. Enjoy. Respect.

Netizens pronounced they would be ashamed to foster a Visit Malaysia year 2020 as a trademark was not adult to Malaysian standards.

Twitter user, Joolee (@tanjoolee) pronounced a trademark showed miss of egoism of a Tourism Ministry.

“Travel. Enjoy. Respect? The appalling trademark indicates a serious miss of egoism on a partial of Tourism Ministry,” she tweeted.

Nuar (@penaberkala ) suggested on Twitter that a foe should have been organized for a open to pattern and name a best trademark design.

“It is so unhappy to see a Visit Malaysia 2020 logo. Why not do a contest, and afterwards name a best. Award a leader with something.

“There are many Malaysians who are gifted and can minister something good to a nation.”

Andy (@2namuh) criticised a design, observant that he wished to see a improved trademark for a tourism campaign.

“A kiddy art foe would come adult with some-more calm and creativity than this, we promise! Or is that a LOL Visit Malaysia 2020 logo? Oh come on…,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Facebook user, Firdaus Sinichi Mansor voiced his beating of a trademark design.

“We titillate a supervision to come out with a improved trademark as there are many gifted Malaysians Designer that can come out (produce) with a improved logo.

“The Year 2020 should be unconventional though (need to) incorporate (designs of) internal enlightenment with flora and fauna,” he said.

On Friday, Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz denounced a trademark during Asean Tourism Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Article source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2018/01/329588/online-derision-greets-visit-malaysia-year-2020s-logo


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