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‘Overwatch’ Announces Winter Wonderland Event, Complete With New Skins And A Wild Boss Fight

Credit: Blizzard


Time to rigging adult in your Legendary best, since there’s another Overwatch Event entrance only around a corner. This year sees a lapse of a Winter Wonderland, an reasonably winter themed eventuality that sees both a healthy concentration on Mei and another apartment of icy Legendary skins to turn quickly spooky with. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan confirms skins for Junkrat, Roadhog and Hanzo, as good as promises that there will be some-more on their way. The Winter Wonderland eventuality earnings on Dec 12, new rob and all.

In further to new skins, a garland of a maps will also be removing winterized makeovers, and we’ll be saying a lapse of Mei’s Snowball Offensive from final year. For those that need a refresher, it’s fundamentally a snowball fight, where players have to go recharge their sleet during strategically placed sleet piles

The many engaging further this time around is called “Mei’s Yeti Hunt,” where a group of 5 Meis group adult to take down one bad Yeti, improved famous as Winston. It’s a trainer fight, though everybody here — trainer and Meis — is controlled by players. The Yeti impression is tasked with going around collecting powerups to trigger a “primal rage” mode, where a Mei’s have to group adult to take him down before he can take them all out. It’s weird, though I’m vehement to see how it plays out as a light daze to a categorical game.

Mei’s Yeti Hunt should sound a small informed to anyone who has been profitable courtesy to video games over a past few years. It’s fundamentally Evolve, a diversion wholly built on a identical asymmetrical boss quarrel concept. Like in Overwatch, a group of tellurian players competed to take down one superpowered quadruped tranquil by another actor before it was means to devour adequate resources to turn too dangerous to kill. The whole thing was most some-more difficult than Yeti Hunt, of course, though a impulse is flattering clear.

Evolve was a neat idea, if a small skinny on calm and a small “ahead of the time” when it came to assertive microtransaction systems in $60 games. It didn’t unequivocally vessel out, though it’s good to see that heart of an thought carried brazen into a most some-more renouned game. We’ll see how good it works on December 12.

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