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Panthers sabotaged each singular possibility opposite Broncos

SAN FRANCISCO — we don’t know how they do things down in Charlotte, N.C. Maybe Panthers fans will acquire their group home with open arms and appreciate them for a enchanting run this year, that enclosed 17 wins, an MVP for Cam Newton, and a franchise’s second outing to a Super Bowl.

But if a Patriots ever mislaid a Super Bowl like a Panthers did on Sunday, child howdy would New Englanders be upset.


The Panthers didn’t remove Super Bowl 50 as many as they spectacularly deformed and sabotaged each possibility they had to get behind into that game. Questionable coaching decisions, bad descent line play, drops, turnovers, head-scratching play calls — a Panthers truly did it all on Sunday in a 24-10 detriment to a Broncos.

When rewatching a diversion Monday, we couldn’t assistance though consider about how Patriots fans would conflict to a Panthers’ play. Here’s what everybody would be angry about:

Carolina didn’t come to play

Newton and a Panthers enjoyed a spotlight all week (and all season), though came adult tiny in a season’s biggest game.

Newton’s receivers had 5 legitimate drops, and in some essential spots. Jerricho Cotchery was a biggest defender, dropping a wide-open locate over a center (the Panthers’ initial challenge) . . .

. . . dropping a intensity third-and-4 conversion, and dropping a circle track down a sideline when matched adult 1-on-1 with Von Miller, a matchup a Panthers positively contingency take advantage of. Jonathan Stewart and Philly Brown also had blatant drops.


Cornerback Josh Norman also forsaken an interception that could have given a Panthers a round low in Denver territory.

And Ted Ginn Jr. using out of finish on his 45-yard catch-and-run was shameful. Not usually did Aqib Talib locate adult with Ginn after negligence to equivocate his depressed teammate, though Ginn didn’t worry perplexing to cut behind to a wide-open center of a margin or reduce his shoulder and quarrel for additional yards.

Newton was frequency perfect, either. He threw high and far-reaching to Brown on a second play of a diversion . . .

. . . and missed out on a outrageous play when overthrowing Ginn low down a seam, a play that could have left for a touchdown.

And a Panthers had a chastisement meltdown: They had 4 fake starts, a check of game, and 3 personal fouls (two by Tre Boston, one by Trai Turner).

Where was a assistance line?

Guess what happens when Miller matches adult 1-on-1 on former use patrol right tackle Mike Remmers?

Or when DeMarcus Ware goes adult opposite journeyman left tackle Michael Oher?

Yup, sum domination.

The twin total for 4½ sacks, 6 quarterback hits, 2 tackles for loss, 2 forced fumbles, and 11 tackles. The Panthers spasmodic kept in Greg Olsen or Mike Tolbert to assistance out, though a Broncos would usually shell a analogous defender, giving a pass rushers 1-on-1 matchups opposite a board, that they feasted upon.

The Panthers also had assignment issues, permitting Ware to get lined adult 1-on-1 with parsimonious finish Ed Dickson, that predictably resulted in another strike on Newton.

Where were a far-reaching receiver or using behind screens to vacate a blitz? Where were shorter-developing plays or play-action rollouts to get Newton divided from a rush? The Panthers’ descent staff seemed to freeze.

The Panthers’ round security

Tony Avelar/EPA

Von Miller forced Cam Newton to fail twice.

The Panthers incited a round over 4 times, dual of that were irregular fumbles. The initial was Newton removing a round ripped out of his hands by Miller inside a 5-yard line, that was recovered by a Broncos for their initial touchdown. Newton is 6 feet 5 inches and 245 pounds, and needs to hold a football tighter. He also had another one ripped out, though he was ruled down by contact.

So does fullback Tolbert, whose fail in a second entertain was an comprehensive killer. The Panthers should have had initial and 10 during a Denver 40, though Tolbert authorised Darian Stewart to cocktail out a round on a sincerely paltry open-field strike in that Tolbert lowered his shoulder and instituted a contact.

Challenges and use of clock

After losing out on his initial challenge, was it unequivocally value it for Ron Rivera to plea a Peyton Manning pouch early in a second quarter? Yes, Rivera got a call correct, though it cost him his final plea and gave a Panthers usually 7 additional yards.

Meanwhile, a time government during a finish of a second entertain was tough to watch. The Panthers trailed, 13-7, with 1:55 left in a second quarter, and couldn’t keep a time from using out on themselves. Most notably, it took Newton and a Panthers 18 seconds of time to get off a subsequent play following Devin Funchess’s 24-yard catch, and 19 seconds to get off a snap after a pass to Olsen over a middle.

The second quarter

Talk about missed opportunities. In further to Tolbert’s fail and a Panthers’ bad use of a clock, they also consumed a golden event mid by a entertain with bad execution and a head-scratching play call.

Trailing, 10-7, with 10:46 left in a second quarter, a Panthers took over during their possess 49 following a punt. But Jonathan Stewart was pressed for 2 yards, Ginn was sacked for minus-4 yards, Newton threw deficient on third down, and a Panthers punted divided after a discerning 3 and out.

Why a Panthers would call that Ginn choice reversion pass on second and 8 during midfield and a Panthers’ offense starting to get into a stroke is over comprehension.

Where was Kony Ealy?

The Panthers’ truth of rotating defensive ends is common opposite a NFL and creates sense, gripping a pass rushers uninformed into a fourth quarter. But Ealy was a many widespread actor on a margin for a Panthers, nonetheless usually played 23 of 60 defensive snaps.

In those 23 snaps, Ealy had 3 sacks, an interception, a forced fumble, a fail recovery, a pass defended, and 4 tackles (two for loss). They substantially should have found a approach to give him a few some-more snaps via a game.

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