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Participants in Workout Street Fitness See Moscow as Their Playground

Every weekend, groups of young people take over Moscow courtyards, contrast their aptness abilities by climbing gorilla bars, behaving straight-bar dips, pull-ups and push-ups on ordinary stadium equipment.

They are devotees of a code of street aptness called simply “Workout,” that was renouned in the Soviet epoch and is now experiencing a revival.

Workout participants contend the practice aims to build flesh and burn calories though the use of any nutritive supplements or the guidance of a personal trainer.

It’s also a way to socialize. Training groups give participants the opportunity to encourage and compete opposite any other.

Anton Kuchumov, 27, the coordinator of the Workout project in Moscow, told The Moscow Times that around 200,000 people take partial in Workout around Russia with 3,000 in Moscow alone.

Kuchumov and his group have grown an interactive map showing 4,500 playgrounds with competition apparatus suitable for Workout around the world. According to the map, there are 402 such playgrounds in Moscow. Some date from the Soviet era, while some have new equipment. One approach the playgrounds of the new era differ from the Soviet ones is in the construction of the bars. There are opposite pitch equipment and chains that concede users to adjust the bar according to their personal preferences.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most renouned and best-equipped playgrounds in Moscow are at  Luzhniki stadium and in Neskuchny Sad near Gorky Park. A Workout group gathers at Neskuchny Sad each Sunday year-round and improvises opposite exercises for up to six hours.

Kuchumov sees his goal as compelling a healthy approach of life and changing people’s lives for the better. In addition to making it easy to find Workout facilities, Kuchumov’s group has grown a program called “100 Days” that includes physical practice skeleton as good as diet tips and advice to boost self-esteem.

“Our book starts with the Henry Ford quote: “Whether we consider we can, or we consider we can’t — you’re right,” Kuchumov told the Moscow Times. “Our thought is to make people trust in their abilities and set desirous goals.”

All the information in the book is accessible for free online and looks like a compilation of scientifically authorized customary methods of body training and basic explanations about how the human physique functions.

Kuchumov does not have a degree in medicine, however. He is an IT dilettante and, according to him, “spends hours in front of the computer.”

But Workout is not only a hobby. It has grown into a business with an online emporium that is on track to more than double the income this year.

“The shop’s turnover in 2014 was 18 million rubles ($275,442),” Kuchumov said. “In 2015, it has turn 30 million rubles ($459, 070).”

The emporium offers collection and clothes for Workout such as a hand expander for 1,200 rubles ($18), t-shirts for 700 rubles ($10) or hulk rubber bands for 300 rubles ($4).

Moscow is in the center of remodeling all of the city’s parks, and all of them will embody new playgrounds. When Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin attended the grand opening of the renovated Ostankino park in northern Moscow final year, he announced the inclusion of 15 competition playgrounds in the park’s 1 hectare territory.

Not only open funds

Private companies are also sponsoring aptness programs. The Coca-Cola Company has already built 14 playgrounds opposite Russia cities.

“For the period from 2012 to 2014, we have invested 2 billion rubles ($30, 604 671) in sport growth in Russia,” Ljubo Grujic, ubiquitous manager for Coca-Cola Russia and Belarus told The Moscow Times.

Coca Cola has also launched also an online project, v-dvizhenii.com that includes a set of over some-more than 100 inspirational and educational video training lessons. The videos, that are giveaway to view, embody sessions in 12 opposite forms of sports, from jogging to yoga to Workout.

Kuchumov and his group have been invited to give recommendation about the construction of new playgrounds, though he says that for a loyal Workout lover, the whole city is a playground.

“I initial attempted Workout in 2009, when me and two friends came down to metro Park Pobedy, and were doing pull ups and running on the escalator,” Kuchumov said. “If we wish to stay fit, we don’t need a fitness bar or any bars, only go out in the city and join us!”    

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/529403.html