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Patagonia’s wintry wonderland; skiing during Bariloche: Travels by Argentina

Editor’s note: This is a third in a four-part travelogue array on South America. Read tools one and two.


Everything we had ever dreamt of was there. The immeasurable ocean. Tall mountains. Nature, sheer nature.

But we had to be brave. Very really brave. For us (meaning people from Mumbai) even a Sahyadri winters are a bit too many — forget a Himalayas. We’d have to face a full assault of a southern hemisphere winter during kissing stretch from — Antarctica!

Were we crazy to even consider about it? What if we couldn’t conduct to get a heads out of a blanket?

But “when’ll we get another chance?” has a energy to shroud all doubts. The awaiting of hurling ourselves, into a distant dilemma of a planet, was too interesting to ignore. There was something alluring sketch us into Patagonia. It was something some-more absolute than a (valid) motive that “Patagonia is too distant and too cold to revisit in winter”.

We knew we had to knowledge Patagonia — winter or not.

One step during a time — we chose Puerto Madryn, a northernmost indicate along coastal Patagonia. Whales, penguins, dolphins and sea lions: a calendar is divided according to their sightings.

Winter is when a Southern Right whales revisit a Atlantic seashore — quite Peninsula Valdes (a UNESCO universe birthright site), 90 km from Puerto Madryn. The name “Southern Right” has a rather vicious origin. These whales are ease pliable creatures. Which done them usually “right” for hunting. They’re now recognized as an involved category and are underneath protection. These whales have now spin synonymous to Puerto Madryn.

To stay divided from a lethal Orcas (which are also sighted in these waters, despite a sighting is intensely rare), they stay tighten to a shore. Which creates them easy to be spotted.

All images © Sandeepa and Cheta KarkhanisAll images © Sandeepa and Cheta Karkhanis

All images © Sandeepa and Cheta Karkhanis

The mating deteriorate was on. We saw a “guys follow a gal, gal refuses to give in” uncover of a Southern Right whales. Because many males go around a womanlike in circles, it has a demeanour of a whale dance. They uncover off their bravery by a flue of H2O that they emanate out. The flue is fundamentally followed by a jump. Seeing them form an arch, burst out of a H2O and behind in — it was a steer that done us tumble in adore with them.

“Snorkelling with a sea lions” was another activity on during a visit. The Galapagos was a usually other place where we could do this. We had never seen sea lions until then. A snorkelling date with them sounded all exotic. We motionless to give it a try.

“Gringo” was a name of a man who conducted these snorkelling sessions. He gave us a no-nonsense outline of a activity. Water would be cold (6 degrees C) so we would need a dry suit. We were given a pamphlet explaining all a manoeuvres to investigate overnight.

The subsequent morning started with sauce us adult in a dry suit. The fit not usually done us watertight nonetheless also robotic. We were again given instructions for branch vertical, plane and flipping over. It all sounded exciting. We couldn’t wait to get down in a H2O and start personification with a sea lions.

The vessel took us to a sea lion reserve, in a center of a ocean. Armed with a snorkels, Gringo threw any of us down in a water. That’s when we realised how robotic those dry suits had indeed done us. The rigidity didn’t make those manoeuvres come simply during all. We struggled with perplexing to spin during right angles to a water. In this struggle, a salt H2O of a sea entered a mouth by a snorkel. When all of this starts happening, we unexpected realize that we are in a center of a Atlantic ocean. And that’s when panic strikes.

We went behind to a boats. Gringo was saying, “Tranquilo Tranquilo, it’s usually H2O ” (calm down!). We went behind in a water, this time underneath Gringo’s personal guidance. And saw those sea lions comfortable adult to us. They were a friendliest creatures there could be (The lion in their name is such an oxymoron!). They came adult to us, wanted to play around.

Our fears had cut brief a time we spent with them, nonetheless it was adequate to make a hearts fuzzy.

After Puerto Madryn — that nonetheless Patagonia was on a coastal side of things — was a genuine test. We were now headed to El Calafate, a central “deep Patagonia”. Our initial confront with a Andes. The winter that we had encountered so far, was like a summer for low Patagonia.

As we entered Santa Cruz, a state that El Calafate belongs to, a steer of a military man petrified us. He was lonesome from conduct to toe, usually his eyes manifest by a skinny slits between a outrageous scarf and cap. Even during 2 PM, he was blasting out clouds of obscurity with any word he spoke.

The reduce we went, a colder it got. We reached a El Calafate train mount during a obsessive hour of 1:30 AM. The calm of a night soaring a cold. The breeze sounded like a demon of a fear movie.

A glacier called Perito Moreno was a categorical reason we had ventured down to Patagonia during all. We had initial listened of it from a Couchsurfing guest we were hosting in Mumbai. They had shown us a print of this glacier. It hadn’t looked like any glacier we had ever seen. In fact, it didn’t demeanour like anything we had ever seen. The design had stayed with us given then.

Photograph by Chetan KarkhanisPhotograph by Chetan Karkhanis

The usually flourishing glacier in a universe resides in Patagonia — a largest cover of sleet in a universe after Antarctica and Siberia” — a investigate on Perito Moreno had come adult with these stately findings.

The Perito Moreno glacier is partial of a Los Glaciares National Park. The soaring Andes follow a road, on one side they are a Chilean Andes. Fresh sleet greets us on both sides.

The landscape transitions to a thick coniferous forest. Once we strech a Las Glaciares National Park.

Photograph by Chetan KarkhanisPhotograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Before removing off a bus, we need to dress up. Gloves, caps, socks. Jackets pulled adult to cover a nose. Only a eyes are seen, usually like a policeman we saw on a initial day in low Patagonia.

We step out and “acclimatise”. Breathe in a impossibly cold nonetheless impossibly uninformed air. It cuts neatly by a nose and lungs. But we can feel a lungs feeling happy. They are being granted with a cleanest element they have ever had!

We afterwards take a vessel to take us to a glacier. No one’s worried holding off their caps and gloves, we notice. All eyes are glued to a windows. The vessel moves forward steadily.

Suddenly there is a common gasp. For a impulse no one moves. Just as suddenly, everybody creates a lurch for a door. The Perito Moreno glacier has presented itself in all a glory.

The cold is forgotten. The demoniac activity defies a sub-zero heat or a kilos of comfortable wardrobe that exists on a rug of a vessel during that moment. There is an onboard photographer. Everyone wants to poise for a design with a Perito Moreno.

Quietly, we altered divided from a crowd. Found an dull mark on a deck. And usually kept looking ahead. Filled a eyes adult with a Perito Moreno. Every shade of blue possible was rising high in a sky. As distant as we could see, there’s a glacier, glacier and usually a glacier. (Presently, a Perito Moreno glacier spans over an area incomparable than a city of Buenos Aires.)

It is a vast relocating mass, defying all odds, fighting a losing conflict opposite tellurian warming. A sole warrior. As if revelation you, derisive you, warning you, “I have stood high so far. we have fought hard. Don’t let me cavern in.”


After a vessel ride, we went to a walking ramps, built by a forest, to see a Perito Moreno from opposite angles. We had a whole day now, to demeanour during a glacier.

We could now see a opposite shades of blue. The darker a blue, a comparison is a ice. Which meant what we were saying was indeed declare to a vast partial of earth’s history!

Every once in awhile, a Perito Moreno glacier gives explanation of a flourishing nature. As it moves forward and hits a barrier, tools of a glacier come acrobatics down and strike a lake with a thud. The sound we listened was louder than a loudest fireworks we had ever heard. The ripples caused took a prolonged time to pacify, creation a lake around resemble a sea!

We felt enamoured and lilliputian by a Perito Moreno glacier. We had witnessed a many stately deputy of nature’s ultimate supremacy.

Coming to a distant dilemma of a earth also meant we were in a distant dilemma of Argentina. Which meant, going anywhere from here was going to be a prolonged prolonged journey. We requisitioned ourselves in a entirely recumbent cama seats (they are us in a initial category of a flights!) for a 30-hour train tour to a city called Bariloche. It is on a northern finish of Patagonia, nonetheless this time on a Andean side.

By a time we got nearby Bariloche, a stage had altered completely. Rolling hills had taken a place of sleet fields. The adjectives sheer and imperishable altered to pleasing and charming. The empty brownish-red plateau were unexpected lonesome in high conifers. Reds and yellows were in a midst of a greens. More sheep and cows. Villages that looked like were done for a hobbits.

Photograph by Chetan KarkhanisPhotograph by Chetan Karkhanis

Bariloche is a ski collateral of South America. The rise of winter was apparently a rise deteriorate for Bariloche. Our hostel, a cosy small wooden cabin was filled with a far-reaching organisation of people — from winter vacationers to critical skiers. Heavy avocation apparatus was everywhere. Snowboards, skis, outrageous ski boots and their jackets — we realised practising winter sports was a lot of investment (and weight!).

Cerro Catedral is a name of a ski circuit here. We tagged along with a critical skiers from a hostel to take us to Catedral. As we started climbing a towering to Catedral, outrageous chunks of sleet started lashing a car. We were in a midst of a layer — a initial of a lives.

Photograph by Chetan KarkhanisPhotograph by Chetan Karkhanis

It was a ideal day to ski, we were told by a critical skiers. What did we know? We were usually too pensive in saying a snowfall. We’ve never skied before, conjunction have we been trained. It became a ideal forgive to usually spend a day personification in a sleet like small children: creation snowballs, shifting down a snow, assisting people make a snowman.

When all a personification sleepy us out, we headed to a cafe, had piping prohibited cups of prohibited chocolate with a dulce de leche sandwiches we had packed. Fortified, we resumed a sleet play.

Bariloche is also famous for a lakes. We went for a brief trek along Cerro Chico. A sleet lonesome volcano was peeping by a demeanour out opposite a lake. The lake itself looked blue and green, uninformed and lively.

What disproportion a integrate of thousand kilometres had made! How a stretch had done a accurate same earthy arrangement simulate such a resisting character!

While a lake and a sleet in El Calafate had been awe-inspiring, here in Bariloche, a same felt accessible and warm. And yet, it was all pleasing and enchanting — a kinds that usually inlet can make.

All we had to do was be there and catch it with all a senses. And feel grateful.

Sandeepa and Chetan are full-time transport bloggers and photographers. You can follow their work here. They’ve been travelling long-term given 2013.

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