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Periscope users can now save their live streamed broadcasts forever

Periscope’s live streamed broadcasts have turn a lot some-more permanent. Users of a Twitter-owned app can now select to save their videos forever, CEO Kayvon Beykpour announced on a height final night, changing a prior process that saw broadcasts disappear after 24 hours. Users who wish to keep their live streamed broadcasts can now put “#save” in a pretension to keep their videos online forever, disintegrating usually if they select to undo a whole video during some indicate in a future.

Users need to put #save in their promote title

The underline is now accessible to all users as partial of a open beta test, Beykpour said, with Periscope soliciting feedback from a users on how it works. The CEO pronounced that Periscope had been “actively building support for determining how your broadcasts stay” on a platform, including gripping broadcasts for longer than a prior 24-hour window, though also to use “some people who wish their broadcasts to be deleted some-more quickly.” The introduction of a new #save underline comes amid a host of recent changes to Periscope, and as Beykpour also bade farwell to Katch, a third-party app designed to solve a problem of disintegrating Periscopes by saving them and posting them elsewhere that folded final month.

Like Snapchat before it, that introduced stories and news feeds on tip of a self-destructing messages years after a release, Periscope’s introduction of a save underline shows a app relocating divided from a kind of evanescent in-the-now ethos it seemed to be designed for. But it’s also also responding a approach final of a users, who can demeanour during competitors like Facebook Live during any time, rather than anticipating to locate something cold inside a limiting day-long window.

Article source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/5/11595244/how-to-save-periscopes-live-streams