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Pernod Ricard Asia names AnalogFolk Hong Kong as lead digital group – Campaign Asia

HONG KONG – Following a year of work together, Pernod Ricard Asia has named AnalogFolk Hong Kong as a lead digital group for a region.

The agency’s subtract will embody ongoing digital selling plan and conference opposite Asia for Pernod Ricard’s informal team. There was no incumbent. The agency, that is formed in Hong Kong though has skeleton to enhance opposite Asia, has strictly been in operation since Jun final year; Pernod Ricard Asia was a initial client.

In a final year, a group helped a code launch a commander Bar Stars platform (in partnership with The Media Village), and is scheming to launch a second “release” of a platform.

AnalogFolk has also worked with a informal customer group to emanate a multi-brand “social acceleration program” that is now rolling out opposite APAC and beyond.

MD and initial partner Chris Ryan told Campaign Asia-Pacific that this social-mentorship module was partial of a tellurian bid by a customer to boost a digital fluency.

“This unequivocally was about most some-more than digital marketing,” Ryan said. “It is a modular training module run as an action-oriented workshop, that covers all from assisting to settle a transparent amicable purpose to assisting set out pivotal operational considerations. It is designed to assistance Pernod Ricard turn a amicable business, not usually a social-marketing company.”

The training amounts to an “incredibly intense” send of skills from a group to a client, that formula not usually in ready-to-go skeleton though a durability advantage, he said.

“If Pernod Ricard were to sojourn over-reliant on agencies to assistance them perform in digital, they will not urge themselves,” Ryan said. “That is what drives their acceleration program.”

The group has blending a module for opposite markets, including China, where AnalogFolk recently hired Jocelyn Liipfert Lam as plan executive and Summer Yang as plan manager.

”The AnalogFolk group has been means to offer a high description of vital meditative opposite both vital projects—in amicable selling and in UX and Design—with good results,” pronounced Glen Brasington, Pernod Ricard’s VP of selling for Asia-Pacific. “Throughout a work together, AnalogFolk have shown good seductiveness in achieving a best probable formula with us, and in transferring their skills to a teams in a region”.

In this Campaign Asia-Pacific video from Nov 2015, Brasington explains a initial proviso of a Bar Stars program:

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