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Peter Casey denies injustice as he travels to site of Traveller brawl – though says it’s not his emanate to solve

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PETER CASEY TRAVELLED to a site of a brawl between a Tipperary Traveller family and a internal management this afternoon though pronounced that it was not adult to him to solve a issue. 

The presidential carefree has been roundly criticised by all his associate possibilities for several comments he has done about Traveller ethnicity and now pronounced it was “nonsense” to contend he was racist. 

Casey introduced a emanate of Traveller ethnicity by referencing a brawl involving members of a Travelling Community during Cabragh, outward Thurles. 

A series of families are in a brawl with a internal management and contend that they concluded to pierce from their stream plcae to a new housing growth if it enclosed extending land for horses.

The residents contend that a procedure for a growth came from a legislature and that Traveller-appropriate accommodation contingency embody extending lands for horses. 

 The growth is located opposite a highway from where a families are now vital and there was a poignant garda participation there this afternoon as Casey and his discuss organisation arrived with a organisation of reporters.

A wordless critique by a series of internal Traveller groups followed Casey’s entrance and a series of them voiced unhappy that he would not rivet with a Traveller residents. 

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Casey left after vocalization to a media and denied that it was his purpose to assistance solve a brawl he was bringing to inhabitant attention

“I don’t wish to solve it,” Casey said, arguing that he would be intruding if he did so.

Tipperary County Council was one of a councils that nominated Casey for a presidency final month and he denied that he has left this emanate until now to use during his campaign.

Casey’s comments about Traveller ethnicity have been decried as extremist by a series of his associate possibilities and Traveller groups. Standing during a site today, Casey called these claims “nonsense”.

Casey also pronounced that a brawl contingency be noticed in a context of a homeless crisis: “There’s one and a half million people who’ve left Ireland and can’t means to come home, they’d adore to come home if they could have a residence like this.”

A critique by Travellers and staid people after Casey’s eventuality this afternoon.

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Speaking to reporters after Casey had changed on from a opening to a estate, Margaret Casey of a Tipperary Rural Traveller Project pronounced that a claimant was attempting to array opposite sections of multitude opposite one another.

“Peter Casey doesn’t paint all people, he competence be looking down on members of a Travelling village now though what about all a other racial minority groups? What about a other staid people that are vital in terrible, apocalyptic situations. This is a boss that we don’t wish representing us in a future,” she said.

Margaret Casey told reporters that a families had not requested a growth and that owning horses is unique to Traveller life.

She highlighted a mental health problems among a Traveller Community and pronounced that forcing them to desert owning horses is not helpful.

Source: Rónán Duffy/Twitter

She added: “I wish to know since he came here? It’s a domestic attempt to array one exposed territory of Irish multitude opposite another. We know there’s a homeless crisis, Travellers have always had accommodation issues, it’s not given 2011. It’s a long-term issue.”

“They’re illusory houses, all a residents have no conflict to a houses. The residents have told me to tell a internal management to give them to anybody who’s homeless and wants a houses.”

One of a internal residents Barry McCarthy pronounced it was not a families who wanted a houses built.

He combined that he was unhappy Casey would not accommodate a families:

“I’m really disappointed. What was a reason him entrance this far? And afterwards only pierce off as quick. we was peaceful to accommodate him, if he was entrance to accommodate us.”

After withdrawal a site outward Thurles, Casey trafficked to a centre of a city where he and his discuss organisation met well-wishers in Hayes Hotel.

A series of hours before his arrival, Casey’s discuss told TheJournal.ie that a eventuality would be inside and that a claimant would accommodate people and take questions.

Representatives in a hotel had pronounced that no Peter Casey eventuality was requisitioned for now and a hotel’s ubiquitous manager told TheJournal.ie during a time the discuss would need to give “some notice” if a engagement was to be made. 

It’s accepted a engagement for a hotel was ostensible to have been done yesterday by Casey’s team.

In a end, Casey and his organisation stayed in a bar area of a hotel and met with a series of people who spoke to him.

Virgin Media Television Presidential Debate 11_90556563
Peter Casey during Virgin Media 1 studios yesterday

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Casey’s has been fortifying his comments about Travellers for a past dual days after he told a Irish Independent’s politics podcast that Travellers should not be recognized as an racial minority since they are “basically people camping in someone else’s land”.

On final night’s discuss on Virgin Media One, Casey settled Ireland was now a “melting pot”, and that one organisation shouldn’t be selected as “special” by carrying their ethnicity strictly recognised.

Speaking this morning, Casey has responded to serve critique of his remarks by observant he will be politically scold if he becomes a subsequent Irish president.

Speaking to The Neil Prendeville Show on RedFM, Casey suggested that he done his remarks opposite a recommendation of his discuss team.

“It was a small bit like a golf round video,” he said. “I didn’t design this to take off like it has. Everyone on my organisation pronounced not to contend it.”

Casey also told a uncover that he was “tired” of domestic correctness, though once again denied he was extremist or inciting hatred.

“I’ll be politically scold when I’m president, since we have to be,” he said.

“I know a Constitution … when you’re president, we can’t make statements though removing them privileged by a government.”

Moments after a interview, Casey’s comments were criticised in a Dáil by Tánaiste Simon Coveney, who pronounced he did not know if wanted to “give some-more oxygen” to them.

He pronounced Irish politics tends not to review to a “lowest common denominator politics” where possibilities built profiles on “a influence that is positively there, though should not be stoked up”.

“This is a exposed racial village in Ireland,” he said, adding that those who wanted to be in open bureau should uncover “leadership and generosity” in terms of perplexing to urge and change a account around Travellers.

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