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Peter Thiel was not kicked off Facebook’s board

Facebook is adhering with Peter Thiel notwithstanding a recoil opposite him for appropriation a Hulk Hogan lawsuit that financially crippled Gawker. At today’s Facebook shareholders meeting, a association voted to re-elect Thiel as one of a house of directors. He perceived adequate votes to stay on.

Facebook’s whole house was re-elected, including Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Reed Hastings, Erskine Bowles, Susan Desmond-Hellmann M.D., Marc Andreessen, and Jan Koum. Facebook also voted to emanate a new non-voting set of Class C batch that will concede Zuckerberg to keep an iron hold on a instruction of a company.

In a QA following a votes, Zuckerberg pronounced he skeleton to continue using Facebook for decades to come notwithstanding his munificent endeavors. No one asked about Thiel, indicating a press itself might caring some-more about his assassination of Gawker than shareholders do.

Thiel final week gave a debate praising Facebook‘s impact on a humanization of technology, that certainly didn’t harm his outcome in a vote. Earlier this month, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said a association wouldn’t mislay Thiel.


The preference to keep Thiel could means tragedy for Facebook with a media publisher partners.

The thought that one of Facebook’s directors spent millions of his possess income to broke a news opening could worry them about Facebook’s joining to uncensored press. Gawker is now bankrupt and adult for sale. Facebook also stormy feathers when it was accused of suppressing regressive trends in a Trending Topics, yet a company’s review found no justification of accordant censorship.

Facebook has been aggregation huge change over a placement of news these past few years. The Facebook News Feed is one of a largest drivers of mention trade to publishers, putting them during a forgiveness of a feed ranking algorithm. And final year Facebook launched Instant Articles, permitting it to horde news posts inside a local apps so users don’t have to wait for an outmost mobile site to load.

While Twitter continues to be hugely renouned among journalists, and Snapchat has only launched a possess chronicle of Instant Articles that let users appropriate adult from an ad to perspective a hosted post, Facebook doesn’t have any estimable competitors among amicable news distribution. That gives it a precedence to hang by Thiel but most worry that partners will rush elsewhere.

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