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Phil opens adult about 2004 Ryder pairing with Tiger

11:39 AM ET

CHASKA, Minn. — Phil Mickelson motionless to set a record true about that luckless pairing with Tiger Woods for dual matches during a 2004 Ryder Cup during Oakland Hills.

And he didn’t reason back.

Mickelson, who is personification in his 11th uninterrupted Ryder Cup, was asked during a Wednesday morning news discussion how critical a captain is to a success of a team.

“It all starts with a captain,” pronounced Mickelson, who shortly after went on to impugn a 2004 preference of U.S. captain Hal Sutton for putting him and Woods together for dual matches on a initial day of a Ryder Cup.

“We were told dual days before that we were personification together,” Mickelson pronounced during Hazeltine National before to a use turn for this week’s Ryder Cup. “And that gave us no time to work together and prepare.”

Mickelson and Woods were a warn group during that Ryder Cup, losing their best-ball compare to Colin Montgomerie and Padraig Harrington 2 and 1. Woods and Mickelson total for 5 birdies though were still defeated.

But a genuine problem was a afternoon match, when they were asked to play swap shot opposite Darren Clarke — this year’s European captain — and Lee Westwood. The compare went to a 18th hole, where a Europeans won 1-up notwithstanding creation a bogey.

In swap shot, we play with one ball, and that was a issue, Mickelson said.

“[Woods] found out a year before when we played during a Presidents Cup in 2003 that a golf round we was personification was not going to work for him,” Mickelson said. “He plays a really high-spin round and we play a really low-spin ball, and we had to come adult in dual days with a solution.

“So we grabbed a integrate dozen of his balls, we went off to a side, and attempted to learn his golf round in a four- or five-hour event on kind of an removed — one of a other holes out there perplexing to find out how distant a round goes. And it forced me to stop my credentials for a tournament, to stop chipping and stop putting and stop heightening my diversion and stop training a golf course, in an bid to crash-course and learn a whole opposite golf round that we were going to be playing.

“In a story of my career, we have never ball-tested dual days before to a major. I’ve never finished it. It doesn’t concede me to play my best. What allows me to play my best is to learn a course, whet my hold on a greens, whet my chipping out of a severe and round distinguished and so forth.

“Instead, I’m holding 4 or 5 hours and I’m out perplexing to learn another round to concede us to play a best. Had we famous a month in advance, we competence have been means to make it work. we consider we substantially would have done it work. But we didn’t know until dual days prior.”

Sutton’s preference to put Mickelson and Woods together was heavily criticized in a issue of what was a misfortune U.S. Ryder Cup better during a time, an 18½ to 9½ loss. The U.S. trailed 6½ to 1½ after day one and never recovered. Mickelson went 1-3 during that Ryder Cup and Woods was 2-3.

In a 7 Ryder Cups they have both played, that is a usually time Woods and Mickelson have been interconnected together.

Mickelson, who has won 5 vital championships, including his initial progressing that year during a Masters, was perplexing to make a indicate that a captain plays a vast purpose in success during a Ryder Cup and that miss of submit from a players has harm a Americans over a years.

The U.S. is 2-8 in a final 10 Ryder Cups, with Mickelson creation each one of those teams.

“I’m not perplexing to hit anybody here,” Mickelson said. “I indeed desired how wilful Captain Sutton was. we feel like that’s a pointer of good leadership, to be decisive. Had we had time to prepare, we consider we would have done it work and could have had some success.

“But that’s an instance of starting with a captain, that put us in a position to fail, and we unsuccessful monumentally, absolutely. But to say, well, we only need to play better; that is so misinformed since we will play how we prepare.”

Mickelson was clearly concerned to go low on a subject, as he has mostly been criticized for his bad Ryder Cup record (16-19-6) and what has been viewed as a miss of caring on his part. Woods is 13-17-3.

“I’ve had to be accountable for that preference 12 years ago,” Mickelson said. “Even a month ago, we hear there’s an researcher on a Golf Channel that accuses me of being a non-team actor for carrying to go out and work on an removed hole divided from a team, divided from my preparation.

“And I’ve had to be accountable for that preference of that we was not partial of. That’s a really frustrating thing. we don’t know if we can suppose how frustrating it would be to caring so most about something like we do about a Ryder Cup and be accountable for many of a decisions that have taken place when you’re not a partial of those decisions, and that’s what I’m articulate about, ownership.

“This is … one of a initial years [the players have been given a say]. But we start over each dual years, [and that] has been a problem. We haven’t built on anything and had a continuity, and nothing of a captains have been clamp captains solely for one over a 20 years, and we haven’t had that and we are starting that, and it’s sparkling to be a partial of it.”

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