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Planet Labs will acquire Google’s Terra Bella and SkySat satellites

Planet Labs has announced skeleton to acquire a business Terra Bella from Google. An merger agreement has been struck between a dual companies, according to Planet, that says it will also get a SkySat constellation of satellites as partial of a acquisition. For a part, Google has concluded to squeeze Earth imaging information from Planet Labs underneath a ‘multi-year contract’ once this understanding is closed.

The merger agreement was minute by Planet Labs today, that pronounced in a matter that it is ‘incredibly excited’ about a deal. The association already boasts a swift of 60 middle fortitude satellites, though a merger of a SkySat satellites will supplement 7 high-resolution offerings to a roster.

While middle fortitude satellites yield images with a 3 to 5 scale resolution, a high fortitude satellites are means to constraint images of Earth during sub-meter resolutions, providing most some-more minute looks during a planet. Combing a dual systems will enhance Planet Labs’ imagery offerings greatly.

Commercial companies have prolonged been regulating Planet’s medium-resolution imagery for several products and services, and a association anticipates this direct will grow as improved images turn available. New business and marketplace opportunities are approaching to arrive once a understanding is closed.

As for a understanding itself, Planet says some Terra Bella employees will be staying with a total organization. No sum about a merger terms or cost were revealed, however.

SOURCE: Planet

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