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PlayStation 5 Will Likely Have These 6 Features

Slide 5 of 5Improved Graphics and New BD-XL Discs


Okay, so this one is a bit of a no brainer, though it isn’t always transparent what form of graphical boost a console era will yield. However, Epic Games, creator of a Unreal Engine, have been out touting what a destiny of graphics looks like, and a tech it has shown off boasts supernatural realism — a form of realism we are already starting to see late this generation.

Meanwhile, Sony has suggested new BD-XL discs, that are scheduled to recover subsequent month, that can store adult to 128GB of data. Given a rising record sizes of games recently — we’re looking during you Red Dead Redemption 2 — it wouldn’t be startling that a PS5 would set itself adult to understanding with a boost in download sizes for games. Our all digital destiny is close, though it isn’t here yet.

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