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Politics Extra: Fallout from a primary

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Republicans and some Democrats sojourn upset about a sovereign judge’s abrupt call to keep Southwest Ohio polls open after many had sealed on primary night.

Some new numbers probably will not assistance relieve their frustration with Judge Susan Dlott, who called for polls to stay open an additional hour in four counties since she pronounced then voters were stuck in trade after a fatal collision tighten down a partial of Interstate 275.

Politics Extra analyzed voting data and talked with top board of elections officials in Hamilton, Clermont, Butler and Warren counties. Here’s what we found:

• 140 sum current votes were expel after Dlott released a order. Those accounted for .03 percent of all votes expel opposite the counties Mar 15. (Hamilton had 37 votes after a order; Clermont 50; Butler 41; Warren 12.)

• It cost taxpayers during least $9,330 to compensate check workers for a additional time. (Hamilton spent $1,440; Butler $7,890; Clermont decided not compensate extra; Warren’s costs were minimal.)

• No races, large or small, were impacted by a late votes.

• In Hamilton County, 12 of the 19 polling locations where late votes were expel weren’t anywhere tighten to a collision site, that was an Ohio River bridge carrying trade from Northern Kentucky into eastern Hamilton County.

Delhi Township, West Price Hill, Westwood, Cheviot, Wyoming and Miamitown were among a 12 locations between 12.5 miles and 25.5 miles from a bridge. It’s rarely doubtful commuters from those neighborhoods would use that track from Northern Kentucky.

“We don’t consider it was value it during all,” pronounced Alex Triantafilou, chair of a Hamilton County Republican Party and a member of the board of elections.

“This is classical legal activism that undermined a firmness of a approved process,” he added. “I wish (this data) has a chilling outcome on destiny legal intervention.”

Dlott did not lapse a summary seeking comment.

Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted is appealing Dlott’s order. Even yet it’s moot, Husted pronounced he wants to forestall a judge from doing this again. Tim Burke, who chairs a Hamilton County Democratic Party and house of elections, supports Husted’s appeal.

Welcome back, P.G.

City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld final week started holding steps to try to reconstruct his brand after admittedly getting his boundary kicked in a Democratic primary.

Sittenfeld showed he was shamed by his unsuccessful U.S. Senate race in a YouTube video posted Monday. He pronounced Ted Strickland “whupped my butt” in March, and Sittenfeld called on Ohioans to opinion for a former Ohio administrator in November.

Also Monday, Cincinnati.com posted an op-ed from Sittenfeld, who called on legislature to work together and listed 7 issues and projects he wants to tackle in a subsequent 18 months.

It appears partial of an bid by Sittenfeld to rebuild relationships with Democrats and uncover he wants to stay during City Hall over 2017.

“I am not formulation to run for mayor subsequent year,” Sittenfeld told Politics Extra, sharpened down rumors. “I’m not creation any domestic decisions until after November, though would be vehement and blissful to offer a final tenure during City Hall.”

Sittenfeld, a skilled fundraiser, has work to do with his Democrat and Republican donors. He perceived support from some Republican donors during his 2011 and 2013 legislature campaigns. But insiders say Sittenfeld upset Republican donors when he flipped in preference of a streetcar in late 2013.

Establishment Democrats, meanwhile, aren’t happy a inexperienced Sittenfeld went opposite celebration leaders’ recommendation and forced a primary with a renouned Strickland.

Sittenfeld had veered away from being a ardent and enterprising assemblyman he was before jumping into a Senate race last year, domestic watchers say. Is he behind to being all-in during City Hall?

“I feel like I’m in really good station in Cincinnati,” Sittenfeld said. “There’s no bid to do something different. I’m still a people’s councilman.”

NKY collaboration

Leaders of a 3 Northern Kentucky counties have worked some-more collaboratively since Kris Knochelmann kick obligatory Steve Arlinghaus in a 2014 Kenton County Judge-executive race.

An instance of how good Knochelmann, Boone County Judge-executive Gary Moore and Campbell County Judge-executive Steve Pendery work together: The Republicans all determine about a need to start a needle sell program in their counties to fight a region’s heroin crisis, insiders tell Politics Extra. It’s probable a counties could finish adult pity some resources if other internal supervision officials get on board.

The Brent Spence Bridge and airfield house liaison have divided Northern Kentucky’s federal, state and internal leaders in new years, and it’s good to see a judge-executives collaborating to tackle a vital issue.

Final fodder

• Tracie Hunter’s latest attempt to get her aged pursuit behind has failed. The dangling Hamilton County juvenile justice judge did not record a compulsory 2,363 current signatures to get on a Nov list as an independent, descending brief by 526 signatures.

• Politics Extra congratulates Jared Kamrass, principal of Downtown-based domestic consulting organisation Rivertown Strategies. “I’ve been watchful 5 years to write this … we am marinated of cancer,” he wrote on Facebook final week. Kamrass’ comparison brother, Micah, ran for a Ohio House 28th District chair in 2014.

• Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has been front and core in a arise of the Pike County tragedy, providing unchanging updates to a open on the murder investigation and pouring his office’s resources into a probe. That’s reignited speak a Republican will run for administrator in 2018.

• City Councilwoman Amy Murray final week launched an bid to revisit Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods in 52 weeks.

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