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Prescott will be a final Cowboy standing, not Elliott

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ARLINGTON, Texas — Dak Prescott was not even 10 years aged when he initial expected he would win a Heisman Trophy and play for a Cowboys, and Dallas fans are many advantageous he went 1-for-2 in their favor. In fact, had Prescott won a Heisman during Mississippi State, he competence not have lasted prolonged adequate for a Cowboys to collect him in a fourth turn of a 2016 NFL draft.

He’s a 24-year-old quarterback with a 34-year-old quarterback’s soul. Long before Prescott kick a New York Giants in Sunday night’s deteriorate opener, Cowboys fable Roger Staubach had marveled over Prescott’s intrepidity and care skills, and former New England Patriots descent coordinator Charlie Weis had compared Prescott to a immature Tom Brady.

By completing 24 of 39 passes for 268 yards and a touchdown in a 19-3 feat over Eli Manning and a Giants, Prescott did zero to rage that praise. His numbers were medium and he missed high on some early throws he should’ve completed, and that’s OK. His consultant work opposite a potentially good invulnerability on a hurry-up expostulate nearby a finish of a initial half — when he finished all 4 of his passes (he peaked a fifth to stop a clock) and ran 17 yards to set adult a margin suspicion that done it 16-0 — told a story outward a margins of a box score.

With Odell Beckham Jr. sidelined with his ankle injury, a pitiable Giants offense could’ve been out there for 8 buliding and still depressed brief of 16 points. Prescott did what he indispensable to do in a initial 30 mins to confirm a game, that is precisely what authorization quarterbacks are ostensible to do. And a authorization quarterback is always some-more profitable than a authorization using back, a indicate that begged to be done after a loud and unsettling week featured a Cowboys’ bearded relic to high maintenance, Ezekiel Elliott.

The NFL had privileged Elliott to play opposite a Giants even before a sovereign decider on Friday slapped a proxy confining sequence and rough claim on a league’s six-game cessation (scheduled to start in Week 2) for purported domestic abuse, maybe opening a trail for a using behind to play a whole season. Elliott afterwards went out and had a ballgame opposite a Giants, gaining 104 yards on 24 carries, before his employer, Jerry Jones, stood outward a Dallas locker room and all though embellished him as a indication Cowboy.

Jones spoke glowingly of Elliott’s speed and power, praised his work ethic, playfully second-guessed his coach, Jason Garrett, for not job his series some-more mostly and confirmed that Elliott’s participation was a homogeneous of a Knute Rockne pep speak for his team.

“I consider each chairman that was partial of a Cowboys was uplifted by a [judge’s] decision,” Jones said. “It was a good one. Although he was personification in this diversion no matter what, a suspicion that we could have him for an extended duration of time was positively inspirational.”

Elliott is a superb football player, of that there is no doubt. But on a group that could fill a full territory of ATT Stadium with dangling players, Elliott stands out for his volatile, indeterminate behavior. He already has been concerned in adequate incidents during 22 years aged to cover dual NFL careers. If a Cowboys are to win championships in a entrance years, they can’t have a star this inconstant as a centerpiece.

This is where Prescott comes in. By all accounts, he has Tim Tebow’s character, though being impeded by Tim Tebow’s arm. Prescott carries himself in his news conferences like he carries himself on a margin — with a unselfish grace that is expected some-more inspirational than Elliott’s accessibility in a backfield.

This is what a good Staubach told ESPN.com final year about Prescott, only as a rookie got rolling after a damage to Tony Romo: “You can tell a players honour a ruin out of him and that he’s already a leader. He is extraordinary during creation decisions when … there’s a formidable conditions there and he needs to dump a round off. He also can chuck to lead a receiver. … we consider we’ve got a smashing quarterback for a future.”

The destiny is now. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, a seven-year veteran, threw 4 interceptions on Sunday in a shutout detriment to a Baltimore Ravens. Prescott? He has thrown 4 interceptions in 17 regular-season starts, a fewest for a quarterback with during slightest 300 attempts given a NFL-AFL partnership of 1970.

To watch him urge his career record to 14-3 by well heading his group and outplaying a two-time Super Bowl MVP in Manning is to consternation how smart, verified scouts and executives indeed could come adult with 134 football players (including 7 quarterbacks) they suspicion were improved than him in final year’s draft. Prescott was somewhat off opposite a Giants, though he didn’t chuck an interception. He didn’t make a large mistake that was too mostly a partial of doing business with Romo.

“I suspicion a stats don’t do it probity for how Dak played, and that’s a large step for him,” pronounced Jason Witten, who held Prescott’s touchdown pass and who surpassed Michael Irvin as a Cowboys’ all-time personality in receiving yards. “They give we a lot of opposite looks, they vigour we a lot of opposite ways, and he was constantly removing us in a right look.

“I consider line one for a quarterback position is to take authority and always lead us into a right looks and a right plays. He done a lot of plays when we indispensable him to via a game; we suspicion that was a unequivocally good diversion for him, a approach he played. He was in control opposite a good invulnerability and a good defensive coordinator [Steve Spagnuolo]. The points competence not contend it, though it’s so many bigger than that, and he understands it. He should take a lot of honour in tonight’s performance.”

But Prescott isn’t large on open displays of self-satisfaction. He conceded that he had “no excuse” for a throws he missed that could’ve led to some-more points on a board. “I put that on me,” he said. Prescott also called Elliott a “special back” and Witten a “special guy” whom he admires for his work on and off a field. But in a end, if these Cowboys are to win titles like Staubach’s Cowboys and Troy Aikman’s Cowboys did, a many special male needs to be Prescott.

He only out-savvied Manning, a quarterback who was creation his 200th uninterrupted career start. If we were ranking NFC East quarterbacks right now, Prescott would have to be during a tip of that list, followed by Carson Wentz, Manning and Kirk Cousins. Prescott already has left to a Pro Bowl. He has a arm, a slot comprehension and a mobility to check off that Super Bowl mainstay too.

On Sunday night, Elliott called his quarterback his best friend. Their stalls are positioned corresponding in a left dilemma of a Dallas locker room.

“When we’re out there,” Elliott said, “it’s like zero can stop us, and we know it’s only good carrying a male like him to base me and kind of go by all like this with me.”

They do make for a ruin of a tandem. But over time, a some-more Dallas emphasizes Prescott’s fortitude over Elliott’s instability, a improved off it will be.

Quarterbacks final a lot longer than using backs anyway.

After all a sound that Ezekiel Elliott created, it should be remarkable that a quieter man, Dak Prescott, will roughly positively be a final Cowboy standing.

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