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Presser Points: Zimmer on ‘Putting it All Together,’ Vikings Defense & Cook’s Return

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer knows his group has a talent to be one of a best in a league, though things need to come together in a same game.

Zimmer spoke to Twin Cities media members around discussion call on Friday and concurred a tough games forward of Minnesota, starting with personification a Eagles in Philadelphia on Oct. 7.

“We’re going to play a lot of unequivocally good teams here entrance up. We’re only going to have to keep perplexing to get improved and play one thing during a time,” Zimmer said. “This group has a possibility to be really, unequivocally good if, we know – one week it’s a offense, one week it’s a defense, one week it’s special teams. We only need to, if we put it all together, we can kick any group there is.”

When asked if he was astounded by a issues a Vikings have gifted over a initial 4 weeks, including a high series of points scored opposite Minnesota’s defense, Zimmer said, “yeah.”

He added, however, that he did consider it was going to “take a small bit of time” with some of a new pieces a Vikings added. Minnesota is 1-2-1 headed into a second entertain of a season, and while there’s means for concern, there isn’t nonetheless means to panic.

“I mean, we figured that was going to be a case,” Zimmer said. “Everybody forgets we were 2-2 final year during this time. We’ll only keep fighting and playing. Just since everybody approaching us to be 4-0 during this time or whatever doesn’t meant that’s realistic.

“We’re only going to keep fighting, and we’re going to seaside adult some things, continue to get improved and go from there,” Zimmer added.

Here are 4 other topics addressed by Zimmer:

1. Evaluating a misdirection

The Vikings were harm defensively by a Rams atmosphere attack, as Jared Goff and Co. picked adult yardage in outrageous chunks via a evening.

Zimmer was asked about issues with “nickels and linebackers” in coverage, and a manager explained what he assessed to be a problem.

“Well, utterly honestly, it wasn’t nickels and linebackers, it was guys removing out of position. There was some misdirection plays,” Zimmer said. “Some of it was corners, some of it was safeties, some of it was linebackers, some of it was nickel. Some of it was me.”

He after admitted, “I competence be over-coaching them some.”

2. On a offense’s balance

Kirk Cousins led a Vikings offense with several highlight-reel plays, throwing for 422 yards and 3 touchdowns.

And nonetheless a Vikings increasing their series of carries to 17 after rushing only 6 times opposite a Bills, Minnesota totaled only 54 yards on a belligerent – and 28 of those were by Cousins.

Zimmer was asked if he was endangered about a change between a run and pass game.

“The offense scored 31 points or something final night, right? we mean, we’re perplexing to do what we have to do to win,” Zimmer pronounced in response. “It’s not a offense’s error that a other group goes down and scores quickly.”

3. No regard about Cook

After being sidelined in Week 3, Dalvin Cook started Thursday night’s diversion though did not play in a second half.

Zimmer positive that Cook’s singular movement was precautionary by pattern and not due to an damage or otherwise.

“Going in, we wanted to get him about 15 to 20 plays since we didn’t wish him to re-injure his hamstring, and he had 18 plays, we believe,” Zimmer said. “So that is what it is.”

4. No precipitate for Iloka

The Vikings sealed maestro reserve George Iloka on Aug. 22 after he was expelled by Cincinnati, though so distant he hasn’t played a poignant purpose in Minnesota’s defense.

Zimmer was asked about a actor he formerly coached with a Bengals.

“I’m not unequivocally disturbed about that during this theatre and point. When George gets an opportunity, he’ll get an opportunity,” Zimmer said. “I have finish certainty in him, though we’re perplexing to – typically there’s dual safeties on a field, OK? So I’ve got some we like, and he’s only going to have to wait his turn. He’ll get an event during some point, I’m sure.”

5. No Griffen in Week 5

Zimmer pronounced final week that he and a whole group will entirely support defensive finish Everson Griffen as he takes time divided from a group to understanding with a personal matter.

Griffen released a statement Thursday before a game, observant he doesn’t have an “exact timeline” for his lapse though earnest that he will “return as a much-improved chairman and player.”

Zimmer reliable to media members Friday that Griffen will not be behind subsequent week for a Vikings diversion during Philadelphia.

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