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Prince Doctor Under Fire Mysteriously Left Practice Days Ago

0510-prince-gettyThe alloy who law coercion is targeting in a Prince review abruptly left a trickery where he used … and no one will contend why.

Dr. Michael Schulenberg was during Paisley Park when Prince died, and as we reported, authorities performed a hunt aver to seize a doctor’s medical annals and, some-more specifically, prescriptions he wrote for a singer.   

As we formerly reported, Dr. Schulenberg saw Prince on Apr 7th and Apr 20th — a day before Prince died. He also wrote prescriptions for Prince that were to be filled during Walgreens … a pharmacy Prince visited 4 times in a final 7 days of his life. 

Turns out … Dr. Schulenberg worked during North Memorial Physicians sanatorium in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The trickery is 10 miles from Prince’s estate. A repute from a trickery told TMZ … a alloy left “in a final few days” though would not contend if he was consummated or only quit. 

Before Dr. Schulenberg worked during North Memorial, we’re told he used during Ridgeview Hospital and Prince’s bodyguard told cops he took Prince to that sanatorium in 2014 and 2015.  

Dr. Schulenberg has a purify record, and even got an MBA in further to his MD and gave a video commemorative for his MBA school. He talks about a virtues of a business of medicine. 

Article source: http://www.tmz.com/2016/05/11/prince-doctor-drugs-search-warrant-percocet/