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Proud Marcus Mariota says dependent Tua Tagovailoa deserves all a credit

6:52 PM ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, who might be a subsequent good Hawaiian quarterback, has spent many of his life following a trail of his mentor, Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. Monday, Tagovailoa achieved one thing Mariota never did: lead his module to a inhabitant championship. Mariota couldn’t be happier.

Mariota stayed adult a small past his bedtime to see Tagovailoa, a crony he has kept in hold with given high school, take down Georgia after entering a diversion during halftime when Nick Saban motionless to dais starter Jalen Hurts. Tagovailoa led a Tide from down 13-0 to force overtime. In OT, he bounced behind from a pouch that mislaid 16 yards on initial down to broach a game-winning 41-yard touchdown one play after and broach a 26-23 feat and an Alabama championship.

“Tua is a stud. He’s a subsequent man entrance up. Proud of him,” Mariota said. “From where that kid’s come, how he’s grown and how he rubbed a conditions final night. He’s unequivocally special. Hopefully he can continue his success. I’m certain we guys saw a talk after a game. That’s who he is.”

Tagovailoa has already warranted a “little Mariota” tag or drawn Russell Wilson comparisons due to his dual-threat ability, even-keeled appearance and implausible piety off a field. Tagovailoa showed some of a moxie that Mariota displayed in his 22-21 quip feat over a Kansas City Chiefs in a wild-card playoff diversion final week.

It has been a good Jan already for Hawaiian quarterbacks Tagovailoa, Mariota and UCF’s McKenzie Milton. All 3 went to Saint Louis High School in Honolulu and led their stream teams to large wins interjection to their performances.

“It’s good to see someone like him continue to lift a flame from behind home,” pronounced Mariota, who sent Tagovailoa a congratulatory content summary Monday night. “He’s got a splendid destiny and we wish him zero though a best.”

Mariota began holding Tagovailoa underneath his wing in fourth grade, display him some quarterback tips and even holding him to get food after practices. Tagovailoa followed Mariota in attending Saint Louis High School. The 19-year-old lefty QB also had dreams to attend Oregon like Mariota, though set his heart on Alabama when a Ducks took too prolonged to uncover interest.

“Everybody would kind of demeanour during me different, though a one chairman who stood out was Marcus,” Tagovailoa told OregonLive in 2014. “He didn’t unequivocally apart me from everybody. He would learn me. While everybody else said, ‘Get out of a way,’ Marcus would only lift me aside — and he was one of a best quarterbacks there. Just to get taught by him and him giving me courtesy we didn’t deserve, it was only awesome.”

Mariota, in standard Mariota fashion, refused to take credit: “He’s finished it all himself. Where he gets his piety is from his family. How he carries himself is from where we grew up. we wish he uses this as proclivity to continue to get improved and see how distant he can take it.”

Maybe Tagovailoa’s opening will give Mariota a small some-more extract to lift off another noted opening Saturday night during New England.

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