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PSA: Steam is carrying critical issues with comment confidence during a moment

UPDATE, 3:40 PM PST: Steam seems intermittently behind and a caching emanate resolved, according to a Steam village moderator. That’s…sort of an central summary from Valve, definition we should be protected to use a use again. We’ll let we know if Valve releases a lengthier reason or a some-more central statement.


Christmas and “major issues with online gaming services” go hand-in-hand during this point, so it was with small warn we awoke this morning to a Steam clearly crippled by DDOS attacks. Business as usual, we guess.

But we didn’t design a problem to turn much, much worse before a day was out. Like, “huge confidence flaw” worse. Due to some arrange of page-caching error, users are now stating they’ve been mysteriously logged into other people’s Steam accounts, with all of a user information stored. Threads on Reddit are patrician “I’m logged in as someone pointless on Steam?” and “Signed into a pointless stranger’s account. we can see their email, address, etc.

Others, like IGN’s Ben Janca [Disclosure: A crony of mine] news that purchases have even been charged to their account, clearly by other people. [UPDATE: While some seemed to see charges going by from other people, a charges apparently usually showed adult in Steam. No purchases (as distant as we know) done it by to banks/PayPal. You should be safe, nonetheless your name/address competence still have been suggested to others.]

So yeah, it’s a outrageous mess. Steam seems to be down during a moment, so hopefully Valve’s holding caring of a issue. The best thing we can do though? Go about your day. Don’t check your Steam account. Don’t try to unlink your credit card. Do nothing.

That’s a enigmatic problem with caching errors—trying to check on anything indeed opens we adult to some-more risk. Hopefully you’ve set adult Steam to warning we if anything is purchased, that should assistance we keep an eye on things remotely. But otherwise? Stay divided from Steam today.

We’ll keep we updated on both Steam’s standing and if we hear anything from Valve about today’s issues.

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