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Putin Requested Assad Step Aside, But Syrian Leader Refused

The conduct of Russia’s troops comprehension service, Colonel-General Igor Sergun, delivered a summary late final year to Syrian President Bashar Assad on President Vladimir Putin’s interest — step aside. It was a ask that Assad “angrily refused,” according to a Financial Times newspaper.

Citing information supposing by dual unclear Western comprehension officials, a FT reported that Sergun — who died suddenly on Jan. 3 — was rebuffed by a daring Assad. The Syrian boss warned Russia would not have a purpose in Syria’s destiny if he left office.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s central spokesman, denied a Financial Times news when asked by reporters on Friday about Sergun’s goal to Damascus. “No, that is not a case,” Peskov was quoted by Russia’s RIA Novosti news group as saying.

The FT news signals a flourishing breach between Putin and Assad only over 3 months after Moscow launched a warn aerial involvement in Syria’s 4 ½-year-old polite fight on a embattled president’s behalf.

Though Russia has nonetheless to publicly embankment Assad, as a United States and a Western allies have regularly urged it to do, comprehension officials in a West told a FT that Moscow has turn dumbfounded during a abyss of problems confronting a Syrian regime.

The FT cited one businessman tighten to a regime in Damascus as observant that Assad’s supervision has grown questionable of Russia’s intentions as well. “Assad’s people started to comprehend that carrying a large hermit fortifying them meant he could also direct things of them too.”

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/556576.html