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Ravens news, records and opinions on a playoffs, Pro Bowl snubs and a 2018 schedule

As prolonged as they take caring of business Saturday opposite a Indianapolis Colts, a Ravens are in an ideal position. They have an event to post a win in a initial diversion of Week 16 and afterwards put vigour on a Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans, who will afterwards need to win a following day to keep gait in a AFC wild-card picture.

By now, we certainly know that a Ravens can’t bind a playoff berth this weekend. Even if they flog a Colts Saturday, they’ll flog off a following Sunday in a regular-season culmination opposite a Cincinnati Bengals meaningful that a usually approach to pledge a playoff berth will be to flog a Bengals. Other scenarios could play out concurrently Dec. 31 to get a Ravens in even if they dump one of their final dual regular-season games and finish 9-7.

The Titans could remove their final dual games opposite a first-place Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills could remove out, descending to both a New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. The Bills could dissapoint a Patriots and afterwards remove to a Dolphins a final week, and a Ravens would still contend a common-opponent tiebreaker advantage even if both teams finish 9-7.

But a Ravens seem to know that it needn’t get to all that. For several years, a Ravens have mostly finished it a tough way. This year, all has depressed into place. They finish a deteriorate with dual games during home opposite smashed and beaten opponents while other teams in a hunt play unbending competition.