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Ravens tip Colts, pierce within one win of playoff berth

The Baltimore Ravens outlasted a feisty yet overmatched Indianapolis Colts in a 23-16 win on a stormy Saturday dusk in Baltimore. Here’s what we learned:

1. The Ravens avoided disaster (a detriment to this Colts group would have been annoying during this indicate in a season) and also came one step closer to completing their conspicuous playoff pull by winning in a tough sourroundings Saturday. Sure, Baltimore was personification during home, yet with light sleet apropos plain and winds picking adult in a second half, it wasn’t a travel in a park. In outlasting a Colts, a Ravens grabbed control of their destiny, wanting usually a win in Week 17 to bind a postseason berth, no matter what happens elsewhere. They rode their invulnerability for most of a season, and yet a offense has picked it adult recently and a invulnerability has mislaid a bit with Jimmy Smith’s injury, it was again that section that stood organisation in a final dual mins to secure a win.

“We’re rolling right now,” reserve Eric Weddle told CBS’ Jamie Erdahl after a game. … “It’s a good feeling to know we control a possess destiny.”

2. This continue was done for Baltimore’s character of play — or a play before Dec arrived. Baltimore ran Alex Collins 18 times for 51 yards on a wet, messy field, yet even with an increasingly heated rain, still opted to chuck a round 38 times. Flacco finished 29 of a attempts for 237 yards and dual touchdowns, stability his plain month of play even in inauspicious conditions. The faith on a pass roughly cost Baltimore, generally on a third-and-10 when, with reduction than 3 mins remaining and Indianapolis carrying tired all of a timeouts, a Ravens chose to pass. It finished in an incompletion dictated for Mike Wallace, who was using a six-yard drag, and gave a Colts both 2:36 to work with and an additional timeout around a two-minute warning. that would have looked impossibly ugly, had Indianapolis capitalized on a indirect possession.

3. Credit a Colts — a three-win group with a manager on a white-hot chair and really small to play for — for fighting behind from a multiple-score necessity to make things impossibly engaging in a final 5 mins of this game. What was a softly intriguing (thanks in partial to a weather) diversion became a really interesting one. At a end, though, Indianapolis’ deficiencies — trashy pass protection, receivers not named Hilton who onslaught to get open, controversial play job — eventually sank a Colts, even as they threatened to tie a diversion in a final dual minutes.

4. We don’t know how most longer Adam Vinatieri will kick, yet it certain was heart-warming to see a 44-year-old destiny Hall of Famer cavalcade 3 of 5 margin goals and come about 5 feet bashful of clearing a crossbar on a 60-yard attempt. The latter was a covenant to Vinatieri’s durability greatness, even if he didn’t indeed make a margin goal. We’ll keep an eye on his margin idea percentage, though, that fell next 90 for a deteriorate after his 38-yard try was blocked. A 60 percent day (with a other skip being a 60-yard attempt) didn’t move him behind over 90, yet if he can boost it in Week 17 (he’ll need a ensign day with copiousness of attempts and a ideal success rate), he’ll trigger an escalator in his agreement that pays him an additional $500,000. We’re rooting for we and your bank account, Adam.

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