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Ray Allen: Communicated with male who simulated to be many women

ORLANDO, Fla. — Retired NBA star Ray Allen pronounced he is a plant of “catfishing,” and has asked a justice to chuck out a box where he is indicted of stalking someone he met online.

Allen filed an puncture suit in Orange County, Florida, on Tuesday, one day after Bryant Coleman told a justice he is being stalked by a 10-time All-Star and two-time NBA champion.

Allen pronounced Coleman is a one who is stalking.

“Coleman simulated to be a array of appealing women meddlesome in Ray Allen,” review a suit filed on Allen’s behalf. “Ray believed he was vocalization with these women and communicated with them.”

Catfishing refers to a chairman who creates a feign form on amicable media to pretence someone. The tenure came into common use with a 2010 documentary “Catfish,” and after in an MTV uncover of a same name that explored online dating.

Attorney David Oscar Markus expelled a matter observant Allen took authorised movement in an bid to put an finish to threats opposite him and his family, and that Allen was a plant “of an online intrigue to remove income and confuse him by someone who appears to be troubled.”

In a filing, Allen pronounced Coleman threatened to exhibit sum of their conversations, and that a sides eventually struck a understanding to keep all private. Allen pronounced that understanding has been disregarded and that Coleman has continued to harass him and his family by several social-media accounts.

“He posted about Ray’s wife, Ray’s children, Ray’s dog, Ray’s homes, Ray’s wife’s restaurant, and countless other personal items,” review a motion. “Coleman not usually posted about these things, he would indeed post while physically located inside Ray’s wife’s grill in Orlando. And he would make certain they knew it, tagging Ray and his mother on those posts.”

Allen asked a justice to stop Coleman from “cyber-stalking.” It was not transparent if Coleman has an attorney, and a operative phone array for him could not be found.

“Ray regrets ever enchanting with this chairman online and is grateful they never met in person,” Markus said. “This knowledge has negatively impacted Ray, and he hopes that others competence use his mistake to learn a dangers of communicating online with strangers.”

Allen is a NBA’s all-time personality in 3-pointers made. He won championships with Boston in 2008 and Miami in 2013, a second pretension entrance after he done one of a many thespian shots in playoff story — a game-tying 3-pointer with 5.2 seconds left in law of Game 6 of The Finals opposite San Antonio, a diversion that a Heat would win in overtime to extend a array to a seventh game.

Allen also played for Milwaukee and Seattle, and final seemed in a joining in 2014. He and his family have lived in a Miami area since.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/21503707/ray-allen-tells-orlando-court-was-catfished