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Recycled SpaceX Dragon Capsule Makes 2nd Delivery to Space Station

A used SpaceX Dragon load boat arrived during a International Space Station for a second time Sunday (Dec. 17), delivering some-more than 2 tons of NASA reserve only in time for Christmas.

The uncrewed Dragon capsule was prisoner by astronauts regulating a space station’s robotic arm during 5:57 a.m. EST (1057 GMT) as both upholder sailed 252 miles (405 kilometers) above a Pacific Ocean, between Australia and Papua New Guinea. [See photos for a Dragon load boat launch]

A recycled SpaceX Dragon load boat approaches a International Space Station on Dec. 17, 2017 to be prisoner by astronauts around a robotic arm. It is a second smoothness moody to a hire for a Dragon capsule.
Credit: NASA TV

“It’s a good day to see Dragon behind on ISS again,” upholder communicator Leslie Ringo radioed a International Space Station (ISS) organisation from NASA’s Mission Control Center in Houston. SpaceX launched a Dragon plug Friday (Dec. 15). 

“It’s a pleasing upholder and we’re looking brazen to digging into it and removing some scholarship on board,” wanderer Joe Acaba of NASA replied from a station. Acaba assisted crewmate Mark Vande Hei, who tranquil a station’s arm during a Dragon capture.

Sunday’s attainment noted a second load smoothness goal for this SpaceX Dragon capsule. It final visited a hire in Apr 2015. SpaceX also reused a initial theatre of a Falcon 9 rocket that launched a Dragon, with a upholder alighting on a pad to symbol a company’s 20th successful landing. SpaceX has developed a reusable rocket technology to reduce a cost of spaceflight.

For this mission, SpaceX’s 13th hire resupply moody for NASA, a Dragon delivered scarcely 4,800 lbs. (2,177 kilograms) of reserve and systematic rigging for astronauts on a space station. Dragon will stay during a space hire until mid-January, when it will lapse to Earth and dash down in a Pacific Ocean off a seashore of Baja California, permitting SpaceX and NASA to redeem examination formula and other gear. 

Today’s Dragon attainment capped a bustling day for a International Space Station. Just hours earlier, during 2:21 a.m. EST (0721 GMT), a Russian Soyuz rocket launched 3 new crewmembers toward a orbiting lab from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, Norishige “Neemo” Kanai of a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and wanderer Scott “Maker” Tingle of NASA launched aboard a Soyuz space plug and will join a station’s Expedition 54 organisation after this week. The contingent is scheduled to wharf during a space hire early Tuesday (Dec. 19) at 3:43 a.m. EST (0843 GMT).

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