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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: How To Make An Easy $2000 And Get Away With It Too

If you’re going to tarry in Red Dead Redemption 2’s world, you’re going to need cash. Previously we’ve highlighted several ways to acquire income comparatively fast by operative many of a game’s core systems and mechanics, though there exists a tip process that can give a poignant strike to your wallet though most effort.

The process in doubt is nothing other than a Poisonous Trail value map side mission, that by a finish rewards we with 4 bullion bars that proportion to about $2,000 when sold. As we explore, you’ll mostly find value maps that lead we to all demeanour of profitable items, though nothing are as remunerative as a Poisonous Trail maps, that we can finish early on. Of course, if you’re some-more into intrigue a system, we can try out this newly detected glitch that can net we 30 bullion bars. But we all know that’s nowhere nearby as fun!

Below are directions streamer we to all a value maps in a Poisonous Trail side mission. We’ve also enclosed screenshots to assist we in your journey. It’s value observant that we can't simply conduct to a final plcae to income in on a gold. You need to find each singular value map initial before a bullion appears in a compared location.

If this beam was useful to you, be certain to check out a facilities highlighting all a tips we should know before playing and things a diversion doesn’t tell you. We also have guides on some-more specific subjects, like top equine breeds and fishing. Though, if we wish to have some additional fun instead, be certain to review a underline detailing a game’s cheat codes.

Treasure Map 1: Cairn Lake Cabin

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The initial map is found during Cairn Lake, that is located north of Valentine adult in a mountains. It’s snowy adult there, so make certain to move a thick coupler with we before streamer adult that direction. If you’ve triggered “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman” Stranger mission, you’ll notice that this is a accurate plcae of mythological gunslinger Flaco Hernandez.

Once we make it to Cairn Lake, we should find a tiny deserted cabin–the one that Hernandez is staying in. Approach a bed to a right and expose a close box underneath it, that binds a initial value map along some additional valuables.

Treasure Map 2: Face Rock and an Unassuming Tree Trunk

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The initial value map is attempting to idea we in on a plcae with a stone that clearly resembles a face. If we haven’t spent most time exploring, this healthy arrangement might seem a poser to you. Fortunately, we know accurately where it is. Simply ensue down to a Lemoyne region, that is located only South of New Hanover. You can find a stone only north of a “E” in “Scarlett” on a map; check a screenshot in a gallery above for visible clarification.

You’ll mark Face Rock on a hill. To find a map, go past a tree directly subsequent to Face Rock. You’ll wish to run serve behind to a hill’s back where there’s a skinny tree case right beside a depressed tree. The map is located in this skinny tree trunk.

Final Treasure Map: The Mysterious Snake Mound

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The second value map has we acid for a serpentine land formation. Yet again, an bauble that you’re expected to have missed if we haven’t spent poignant time holding note of each oddity out in a world. This weird raise is located southeast of Van Horn, a reasonable stretch south of a “R” in “New Hanover” on a map.

As a value map indicates, you’re going to wish to hunt for a raise of rocks nearby a serpentine mound. It’s flattering easy to mark as it’s literally only a clumped-up raise of rocks with a hole during a center. Search a hole to find a final value map. Onward to a treasure!

The Treasure: Gold! Gold! Gold!

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The final value map points to a rapids and what appears to be a pathway in a cave. You’ll find this rapids during a Elysian Pond, that is located directly northeast of a “E” in “Hanover” on a map. When we arrive, travel by a rapids to learn a opening of a dim cave.

It’s dim in a cave, so bust out your lantern. Proceed by a cavern until we find a territory in a trail where we can dump down. When we land, ensue by a yield space on a right, that will lead we to a flare in a highway graphic on a map. Take a right path, though before we do cuddle right to find a temporary stay with a lockbox containing a Large Jewelry Bag.

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Continue a trail brazen until we strech what appears to be a array into certain doom. Instead of descending to your death, ensue left until we strech another edge. If we demeanour closely, your lantern will irradiate some plain belligerent next that we can land on. But take a few stairs back; you’re going to wish a using start in sequence to make this jump. If you’re exercices are sufficient, conduct down a slope to a left. You’ll trip down into some water; once we benefit your balance, demeanour to your left for a stone height to stand up. Search this area and you’ll be rewarded with 4 bars of gold.

If this is a initial time you’ve performed gold, know that we can sell them during Fences for approach profit. Though, if you’re feeling quite generous, it’s probable to present it directly to your camp.

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