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Redskins remove Alex Smith to hideous ankle damage opposite Texans

5:25 p.m.: Hey! The Eagles have some life. Apparently, they usually had to wait to get out of that dreaded initial quarter. Carson Wentz led them on a 75-yard expostulate early in a second entertain to get on a house in usually 6 plays. Josh Adams had a large 28-yard touchdown run. It was a initial touchdown of his career. There’s usually underneath 9 mins left in a half. 

Saints 17, Eagles 7 

5:09 p.m.: That entertain didn’t go good for a Eagles. The Saints had 190 yards. The Eagles had 15. Yikes. At slightest it’s usually a two-score diversion for now. 

Saints 10, Eagles 0 

5:04 p.m.: The Eagles didn’t go 3-and-out, though Carson Wentz did underneath chuck a low round into double coverage to Nelson Agholor that was intercepted. Things aren’t going well. It seemed like Wentz was usually perplexing to make something happen, though it was a bad idea. 

4:57 p.m.: The Saints are adult dual scores now after pushing 86 yards and punching in a game’s initial touchdown. The large play of a expostulate was a 30-yard pass to Michael Thomas. Sidney Jones was in coverage and has had a integrate severe plays so far. There’s 3:12 left in a initial quarter. 

To supplement damage to insult, Avonte Maddox got harm and had to leave a game. 

Saints 10, Eagles 0 

4:42 p.m.: Two Eagles’ drive. Two 3-and-outs. This offense is broken. They have usually 15 yards on 6 plays and haven’t gotten a initial down yet. Against this Saints team, they’re going to need to measure some points. 

4:36 p.m.: The Saints took a 3-0 lead on a 38-yard margin idea that capped a 57-yard drive. The Eagles gave adult a 38-yard run from Mark Ingram on a initial play, though rebounded to get a large stop. Malcolm Jenkins done a large tackle on third down. 

Saints 3, Eagles 0 

4:29 p.m.: The Eagles went 3-and-out on their initial possession. They scarcely got a initial down on 3rd-and-long though didn’t. 

4:18 p.m.: There were a lot of Eagles fans around town, though Saints fans are going to drown them out. This place is so loud. It’s not going to be a home on a highway for a Eagles this week.  

3:50 p.m.: The Cowboys got a 42-yard margin idea during a buzzer to take down a Atlanta Falcons and pierce to 5-5 on a season. That means a Eagles need to win currently to keep pace. 

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, they’re removing prepared to face this guy. 

2:59 p.m.: Eagles dead are out: 

2:29 p.m.: Washington was about to take a lead during a finish of a half, though Alex Smith threw a 101-yard pick-6 and a Texans extended their lead. It’s 17-7 during halftime. In Atlanta, a Falcons are sticking to a 6-3 lead over a Cowboys. 

1:40 p.m.: Keep an eye on a diversion in Washington. The Texans have a 10-0 lead after one quarter. The Eagles can use all a assistance they can get in a NFC East. 

1:15 p.m.: After about a half hour of perplexing to figure out how to get in a Superdome and afterwards how to get adult to a press box, we have finally arrived. This is my initial outing to a Superdome. First impressions, it’s kind of a dump, though also kinda cool. I’m looking brazen to saying how shrill this place gets in a few hours. 

10:53 a.m.: Good morning, everyone. It’s diversion day! And it’s a large one for a Eagles. I’m removing prepared to travel to a Superdome from my hotel and we’ll follow this whole diversion day together. 

For what it’s worth, we was out about city final night and saw a ton of Eagles fans. Another large display from Eagles fans in another city. We’ve seen that on each outing this year. we consider it was a ideal charge for it. The Eagles are entrance off a Super Bowl and have a extensive highway schedule. A lot of good options for fans and they’re creation a many of these trips. 

Be certain to watch Eagles Pregame Live during 3 p.m. and balance in after a diversion for the finish relapse on Eagles Postgame Live. 

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