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REO Speedwagon guitarist dies

(CNN)Gary Richrath, a REO Speedwagon guitarist who wrote some of a band’s biggest hits, including “Take It on a Run” and “In Your Letter,” died Sunday, according to a post by REO lead thespian Kevin Cronin.

“My longtime crony and co-operator Gary Richrath upheld divided progressing today,” Cronin wrote on a band’s central Facebook page. “Gary was both a singular guitarist and songwriter, and a essence of a tough male with a heart of gold. we schooled many of what we know about being in a stone rope from Gary Richrath.”

The summary was cross-posted on REO’s central Twitter comment and reliable by a band’s representative, Erik Stein.

Richrath was 65. The means of genocide was not given.

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By a late ’70s, singles such as “Ridin’ a Storm Out” and “Time for Me to Fly” — many created by Cronin — started creation a charts, scheming a rope for a 1981 blockbuster, “Hi Infidelity.” That manuscript sole some-more than 9 million copies, according to Allmusic.com, and a rope became an arena-filling title attraction.