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Report: FBI reviews Islamic content Chattanooga gunman sent to crony before attacks

FBI agents questioning a Chattanooga shootings are reviewing a content a Kuwaiti-born gunman sent hours before a attacks that enclosed a couple to an Islamic hymn saying, “Whoever shows animosity to a crony of Mine, afterwards we have announced fight opposite him.”

Mohammod Youssef Abdulazeez sent a content to a crony a night before he pounded a troops recruiting bureau and a Navy haven center, murdering 5 use members, a New York Times reported Sunday, citing a law coercion official.

Investigators are looking into a content summary not customarily to determine it, though to see if could be a idea to what speedy Abdulazeez, a paper said.

The FBI interviewed a crony who came brazen with a text. The friend,who has not been publicly identified, told Reuters he suspicion zero of a content primarily though now wonders if it was a spirit to Thursday’s attacks.

Fox News reported that a crony pronounced Abdulazeez sent a content to him as support for a pursuit quandary he was having. The crony wasn’t certain that a pursuit he was deliberation squared with his Islamic beliefs.

Meantime, a jihadi’s relatives pronounced in a matter that their son suffered from basin and was not a same chairman they knew.

“There are no difference to news a shock, horror, and grief,” pronounced a statement, supposing Saturday to a Associated Press by a counsel representing a Abdulazeez family. “The chairman who committed this terrible crime was not a son we knew and loved. For many years, a son suffered from depression. It grieves us over faith to know that his pain found a countenance in this iniquitous act of violence.”

“We know there are many legitimate questions that need to be answered,” a matter said. “Having pronounced this, now is a time to simulate on a victims and their families, and we feel it would be inapt to contend anything some-more other than that we are truly contemptible for their loss.”

The family also pronounced they are auxiliary with a investigation.

Some Muslims now fear a Chattanooga community’s notice of them had altered after a sharpened rampage.

Mohsin Ali, a member of a Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, pronounced he hopes a internal village doesn’t disintegrate into misunderstanding a others have in a segment over building mosques and other matters. Peaceful coexistence has mostly prevailed in a city that has honour itself on clever ties between people of opposite faiths.

“We, a kids, feel 100 percent American and Chattanoogan,” pronounced a Pakistani-born Ali, who is a child psychiatrist. “Now they are wondering if that is how people still demeanour during them.”

Serving a aver on a Abdulazeez home Thursday, agents led dual women wearing Islamic conduct coverings divided in handcuffs. However, FBI representative Jason Pack pronounced Saturday that no arrests have been done in a case.

Authorities are looking into a sharpened as a terrorism review and either Abdulazeez was desirous or destined by a militant organization. They still don’t know what speedy a shooting.

The boss of a Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga pronounced Abdulazeez’s father told him he felt blindsided and did not see any new changes in his son.

“He told me that he had never seen it coming, and did not see any signs from his son that he would be that approach and do something like that,” Bassam Issa said.

Ali pronounced immigrants owe a debt of thankfulness to America and a armed army to strengthen it, given they mostly know firsthand what it means to live in countries though personal freedoms or a order of law. Near a finish of Friday night’s service, during Ali’s urging, dozens of Muslims perceived a station acclaim as they stood in support of their city and in devotion to their nation.

It was a conspicuous uncover of togetherness in a segment where family have infrequently been moving given a apprehension attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Still, a events of a final few days have left some on edge, quite a young. The finish of Ramadan is customarily a time for celebration, though events during a Islamic Center were canceled after a shootings. A pointer on a doorway Friday speedy visitors to go to a commemorative use instead.

Khadija Aslam, 15, didn’t wear her conduct covering in a automobile while roving to request services after a shootings for fear of attracting attention, and 15-year-old Zoha Ahmad pronounced her family is disturbed about a probability of desolation during their home.

“A lot of people know we live there and that we’re Muslims,” she said.

Ali pronounced he skeleton to offer organisation conversing for endangered members of a Islamic village during his home, and that competence assistance palliate concerns. But, he isn’t sure.

“We’ll see,” pronounced Ali.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



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