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Report: Google to launch a Gear VR competitor, build VR into Android OS

We’ve said a few times now that Google’s practical reality initiative is too large for a association to usually be operative on Google Cardboard, and now the Financial Times has published a news detailing what seems to be a subsequent proviso of Google’s VR push. The news says that Google is operative on “a inheritor to Cardboard,” formulating a higher-quality headset and building VR program directly into Android.

The device sounds like a Google chronicle of Samsung’s Gear VR. Like Cardboard, a headset will be powered by your existent smartphone, with a “more plain cosmetic casing” along with improved lenses and sensors. Also like Cardboard, this won’t be singular to usually a handful of devices, with a news observant that a headset “will be concordant with a many broader operation of Android inclination than Gear VR.”

Such a device sounds like it would occupy a constrained mark in a market. The Gear VR is a good device—the $100 headset is a absolute entry-level VR experience—but it usually works with Samsung phones. Cardboard has many wider phone compatibility, though it comes with a outrageous list of compromises that lead to a subpar experience. Taking a Gear VR indication and expanding it to accept many renouned smartphones sounds like a solid idea.

One of a Gear VR’s biggest strengths—and Cardboard’s biggest weaknesses—is a ascent solution. Gear VR is custom-made for Samsung’s flagships, so it keeps a phone in a ideal position relations to a lenses. Cardboard’s concept ascent resolution is rather finicky, relying on a user to align a phone rightly in a headset. Even if we get it right, Cardboard usually uses attrition from a rubber rope to keep a phone in place, so it will mostly pierce slightly. An critical underline of Google’s VR headset will be how it deals with firmly ascent phones of several shapes and sizes.

On a program side of things, a news says that Google will hide new program “directly into a Android smartphone handling system rather than relying usually on a normal app.” This sounds a lot like a Android VR OS we’ve listened about in a past from sources like The Wall Street Journal.

The news says a headset will be out “later this year,” so there’s a good possibility we’ll hear about it during Google I/O.

Article source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/02/report-google-to-launch-a-gear-vr-competitor-build-vr-into-android-os/