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Report: Rihanna incited down Super Bowl LIII halftime uncover since of Colin Kaepernick

When Colin Kaepernick pronounced in an now famous Nike commercial, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything,” Rihanna listened.

According to Us Weekly magazine, Rihanna incited down a eventuality to be a Super Bowl LIII halftime uncover given she doesn’t determine with a NFL’s diagnosis of Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has been an unsigned giveaway representative given a finish of a 2016 season, and that seems directly associated to him kneeling during a inhabitant anthem to move courtesy to amicable issues. Kaepernick has filed a collusion protest opposite a NFL.

“The NFL and CBS unequivocally wanted Rihanna to be subsequent year’s performer in Atlanta,” a source told Us Weekly. “They offering it to her, yet she pronounced no given of a kneeling controversy. She doesn’t determine with a NFL’s stance.”

If Us Weekly’s source is accurate, that’s utterly a matter from a famous singer. It might not be “sacrificing everything” given her career is going impossibly good with or yet a Super Bowl, yet a Super Bowl halftime uncover is a singular opportunity.

Super Bowl halftime uncover is seen by a outrageous audience

The Super Bowl halftime uncover is an definite bonus for many any artist on a planet. The Super Bowl customarily is a many watched radio module in a United States each year, and a NFL has incited a halftime uncover into a must-watch eventuality for many.

Some of a biggest acts in a song industry, like Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars have finished a halftime uncover even yet a performers aren’t paid. It’s only an investment in their careers — a bearing from doing a halftime uncover in front of that many people is priceless. There’s zero else utterly like it.

When Rihanna incited down a offer, a NFL got Maroon 5 to be a halftime uncover performer during a Super Bowl in Atlanta in February.

Rihanna isn’t a initial to spin down Super Bowl

There was a identical story final year. Jay-Z reportedly incited down a Super Bowl halftime uncover and it was rumored to be in support of Kaepernick, according to a Los Angeles Times.

Rihanna doesn’t need a exposure. According to a Forbes story in April, she has sole 124 million digital singles in a United States, 10 million some-more than any other artist. She has money, celebrity and commend as a mixed Grammy-winning artist.

Still, it can’t be easy to contend no to a Super Bowl and a 100 million-plus viewers. But, according to Us Weekly, Rihanna had a good reason.

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