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Reports of Facebook and Yandex ‘Partnership Negotiations’

U.S. amicable network Facebook and Russian Internet hulk Yandex are in negotiations over a intensity partnership deal, a Vedomosti journal reported Monday, citing mixed unclear sources tighten to both companies.

The companies are deliberating exchanging user information and probable corner promotions, Vedomosti reported. One of a newspaper’s sources, allegedly tighten to Facebook, pronounced that negotiations are still in a early stages.

Facebook is allegedly meddlesome in a series of Yandex services in a Russian market, such as their cab and hotel engagement applications. Facebook users could be means to compensate for Yandex services directly by a amicable network, permitting both companies to share a revenue, Vedomosti reported.

Facebook has so distant not responded to requests for comment. A orator from Yandex pronounced a association was always open to negotiations with other firms.

According to information from marketplace investigate group TNS, Facebook has a Russian assembly of 12.6 million users. Yandex enjoys an assembly some 1.6 times incomparable with 20.4 million users, Vedomosti reported.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/571360.html