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Rescued dog from Asia is found a year after disappearance

A dog discovered from a drainage siren in Montgomery County, Md., on Friday afternoon apparently is a same animal that had been saved from a slaughterhouse in Asia and afterwards left final year from a new home in a county.

It was not transparent Friday night, however, either a rescue operation in a North Bethesda area would finally finish a hazards and hardships that, by all accounts, have characterized a life of a dog, a Wheaten Terrier or terrier brew famous as “Cookie” and also “Mai Tai.”

A Facebook posting from a organisation that says it rescues Wheaten Terriers pronounced that a chairman who had adopted Cookie “has incited him behind over” to a classification “for his safety.” The rescue organisation , S’Wheat Rescues Adoptions, pronounced on Facebook that it has “moved him to a encourage home” while operative on a permanent placement.

Since Oct. 22, 2014, Cookie had been listed online as blank from a home in Kensington, apparently that of a chairman who adopted him after he was brought from Thailand. A posting described him as a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier mix, especially brownish-red with some tan or cream coloring and weighing 20 to 39 pounds.

At one indicate Friday, a orator for a county glow and rescue use pronounced he had accepted that Cookie was to be reunited with his strange owner, But that owners could not be reached Friday night for comment.

It was midafternoon Friday when dogs in a 7800 retard of Lonesome Pine Lane alerted owners to something surprising in a drainpipe underneath a roadway. The dogs’ barking alerted owners to a participation of a dog in a pipe. Rescue crew were called.

The rescuers cut open gratings and afterwards used a glow hose stiffened with dense atmosphere to kindly poke a dog along a drainpipe to where it could be captured.

It looked some-more than a small a worse for wear, pronounced county glow and rescue orator Pete Piringer.

In an talk Friday night, Karene Nethery-West, a personality of a dog rescue organization, pronounced Cookie had been saved in Thailand from a dog-meat trade. But she pronounced a dog was afterwards placed in a Thai preserve where still other perils awaited.

She pronounced her rescue organisation is apart from a one that pronounced it had perceived a dog Friday. Nethery-West pronounced her organisation lifted supports to move Cookie to this nation and place him in a amatory home.

She pronounced she was “so anxious that he’s safe.” But she pronounced she would acquire a event to know some-more about where Cookie had been and where he would be going.

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