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Review: Lady Gaga preaches togetherness during high-flying Super Bowl set

Minutes before her halftime show at Sunday’s Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga previewed her opening in a thespian black-and-white Tiffany commercial: “I’m entrance for you.”

She wasn’t kidding, kicking off her 13-minute opening from a tip of Houston’s NRG Stadium with an a cappella dash of God Bless America and This Land Is Your Land before leaping from a roof.

Her opener indicated how a rest of a opening would go — firmly choreographed and ideally executed, if a small sterile.

Beginning her set wearing an shimmering studded bodysuit and bedazzled boots, Gaga somersaulted through a atmosphere onto a theatre true out of Mad Max, behaving Poker Face atop a barbarous steel tower. Surrounded by caped dancers, she segued into a melodramatic take on Born This Way, finish with a arm squeeze true from Michael Jackson’s 1993 halftime show.

As stirring as her army of dancers was, maybe she should’ve stayed on her high-flying wires a small longer, as her halftime show’s unsure stunts — and hair-raising surprises — ended as shortly as she unhooked from her harness.

Running fast by her repertoire of hits, Gaga teasing a intensity Beyoncé cameo on Telephone (there wasn’t one) before emerging in a peaked golden coupler with a keytar for Just Dance, a lyrics projected in lights hold by fans on a field. The orbs quickly altered to comfortable candlelight, as she sat during a piano and declared, “We’re here to make we feel good,” before a stirring take on Million Reasons that lingered usually a small too long.

Gaga’s Mad Max-channeling opening continued with a night’s best, and last, performance. Backed by a theatre full of dancers in dystopian white getups, Gaga quick-changed into high-waisted clear underwear and a sparkling football uniform-inspired stand tip for Bad Romance, abandon erupting behind her.

Then, she ascended a stairwell, forsaken a mike and leapt out of a frame. Show over.

After final year’s politically charged matter from Beyoncé during her cameo in Coldplay’s halftime show, where she achieved Formation flanked by credentials dancers in Black Panther-referencing costumes, many likely that Gaga would unleash a Trump matter during her show. But a domestic criticism never arrived, as Gaga opted for nationalism and togetherness over creation a divisive proclamation, that she hinted during during her pre-Super Bowl news discussion Thursday.

“The usually statements I’ll be creation during a halftime uncover are a ones that I’ve been consistently creation via my career. we trust in a passion for inclusion, a suggestion of equality and a suggestion of this country, one of adore and care and kindness,” she said.

I wish to contend appreciate we to my fans for entertaining me on all these years. There will not be any guest performers tonight, I’m doing these 13 mins solo! we dedicate each second to a love, diversity, compassion, and furious suggestion of a fan base. To that child who felt unwanted, or a grown adult who remembers how tough it was to find acceptance. This is for you. It is also for those whose hearts and minds have non-stop to a message. Thank we for desiring in us so we could be here currently small monsters this is YOUR stage. And I’m gonna leave my heart on it so we never forget it. Let’s do this. Xoxo Love, Gaga p.s we LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🏈

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Not all of a set was a warn for Gaga fans. Before a diversion started Sunday, she teased her halftime opening on Instagram, scheming viewers for a miss of Beyoncé-sized surprises. “There will not be any guest performers tonight, I’m doing these 13 mins solo!” she wrote.

Earlier in a night, Luke Bryan warmed adult a Super Bowl throng with his slow-and-steady delivery of The Star-Spangled Banner, with Hamilton‘s strange 3 Schuyler sisters — Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Phillipa Soo — singing America a Beautiful.