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Review: ‘Logan Lucky’: Steven Soderbergh and His Motley Band of Thieves

Not that this film feels in any approach like a throwback. Mr. Tatum is about 10 times sexier than Burt Reynolds ever was, and about one-tenth as vain. Since his early shade appearances (in “Step Up” and “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints”), it’s been transparent that he is a singularly charismatic performer, yet by now it should be transparent that he’s also a good actor. we consider his interest has reduction to do with any ostensible Everyman peculiarity (though each male can dream, of course) than with an supernatural ability to communicate irony and frankness in a same gesture, to change his free draw with spontaneous modesty.


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Jimmy, once a high propagandize football star, has not utterly quiescent himself to life on a brief finish of a stick. Laid off from a construction pursuit in North Carolina, he earnings home to learn that his ex-wife (Katie Holmes) and her car-dealer father (David Denman) are formulation to pierce out of West Virginia with Sadie. Jimmy’s brother, Clyde (Adam Driver), a barkeeper who mislaid a palm in Iraq, thinks a family is cursed. Jimmy doesn’t share this superstition, and in any box he has a plan, or during slightest a how-to list for bank robbers that he decides to adjust for new circumstances.

Like George Clooney’s Danny Ocean, he needs, initial of all, to put together a crew. Starting with Clyde and their sister, Mellie (Riley Keough), Jimmy taps into another reciprocity network, recruiting an explosives consultant named Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) and his dual brothers (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson). That’s not utterly everyone, yet there are some fine small surprises in store that I’m not prone to spoil.


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Not that a tract is anything earth-shakingly original. “Logan Lucky” sticks to a “Oceans” template so steadily that someone creates a fun about it. Who cares? The pleasures of a heist genre are always procedural and specific. These cinema are all a same, yet also always opposite since of a sold brew of personalities and circumstances. What they celebrate, above all, is a multiple of craft, formulation and problem-solving ability that can spin a pursuit of work into a work of art. They are, in other words, a quintessential film movies, reflecting a collaborative hurdles and logistical triumphs of a prolongation cycle.

For that reason, a good heist film can settle into a honeyed mark where existence and anticipation converge. This one’s account engine hums along nicely, spasmodic accelerating into farce, customarily when Mr. Craig shows up, sporting neck tattoos, spiky frosty hair and an accent that sounds like a means or a outcome of a badly sprained tongue. (The dialects are all over a map, yet let’s not get too hung adult on authenticity.)

Mr. Soderbergh never speeds by a twists and bumps. He downshifts and pulls onto a shoulder, vouchsafing a story take caring of itself while a assembly enjoys a infrequently funny, infrequently fractious, infrequently sad pleasure of a characters’ company. By a time we confront Hilary Swank’s F.B.I. agent, or figure out that a repulsive British energy-drink noble who is a usually truly mean impression is Seth MacFarlane, we feel like you’re a family-reunion crasher who stranded around prolonged adequate to get promoted to second cousin.

Of a 3 cinema expelled this summer that self-consciously reactivate an old-school outlaw mythology — a others are Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” and Josh and Benny Safdie’s “Good Time” — this one has a many to contend and a slightest to prove. Whereas a other directors aggressively foster their possess coolness, flash borrowed attitudes and lofty retrofitted styles, Mr. Soderbergh revels in squareness, and in a lax courage that disguises a mastery. “Logan Lucky” is a superb movie. That’s a matter of skill, and maybe also of luck. But mostly it’s a matter of generosity.

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