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Review: WatchOS 2 offers timely (and needed) tweaks

WatchOS 2 is a second chronicle of a handling complement that powers a Apple Watch lineup, and it arrives about 5 months after a wearable’s entrance — and five days after it was creatively expected. Even yet it’s been usually a few months given reserve held adult with a initial high demand, growth of a underlying handling complement has continued.

watchos 2.0 update

watchOS 2.0 is downloaded regulating a Watch app on a iPhone.

The recover of a updated watchOS had been timed to coincide with a arrival of iOS 9 — that creates sense, since a Apple Watch and Apple’s iPhones sojourn alone linked. But a last-minute bug forced Apple to reason off on a recover until now. (Note to those updating: You’ll need your watch on a horse for a new OS to be installed, and a watch needs to be during slightest 50% charged.)

Early issues addressed

WatchOS 2 is designed to repair a few of a complaints justly directed during a Apple Watch program and to tweak a underline list to improved accommodate users’ needs. These changes should yield faster app launch times, some-more display-on time so a watch’s shade doesn’t spin off before an app loads, some-more extensive apps and improved standalone functionality.

In fact, I’ve had my possess complaints specifically associated to heart rate monitoring when we was regulating a Workout app for tracking weight-lifting sessions. we was anticipating this bug would be squashed in this update. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.)