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Review: Wilson Combat Glock G19

In late 2017, Wilson Combat did something unexpected. The association famous for a impeccably finished, high-dollar 1911 handguns (with a few Berettas thrown in for good measure) non-stop adult a new entrance of customization for owners of renouned Glock models. While a association isn’t offering complete, worked-over Glock pistols, Glock handgun aficionados can send in their OEM firearm and select from a list of à la grant options to build a singular Wilson Combat Glock.

While many owners of Glock handguns competence doubt a advantage of spending some-more than a cost of a pistol on upgrades and add-ons, there’s no doubt that a marketplace for Glock modifications is a renouned one, gripping companies like Lone Wolf Distributors, ZEV Technologies, Salient Arms International, Agency Arms and others in business. Wilson Combat positively saw an event to supplement some-more options to a mix, so we sent an OEM Glock pistol to accept a Wilson Combat treatment.

The Glock G19 offering adult is about as plain as it gets. Purchased in 2015, a gun is a customary Gen 3 indication that stays as unvaried as a day it left a factory, save for a desperately indispensable sights swap. With some-more than a few thousand rounds by a gun, it supposing a solid, reliable, daily-carry choice for several years before apropos remade by a keen humanities used in Wilson’s Berryville, AR facility.

Right off a bat, I’ll acknowledge that we was one of a innumerable many who never saw most use in customizing a lift gun. Workhorses are frequency pretty. Plus, with a probable difference of trigger upgrades, a application of adorned enhancements displayed in many feature-worthy firearms seemed controversial during best. After all, if ZEV or Agency guns were that most softened than their fabriqué-en-masse cousins, wouldn’t we see some-more of them practical in veteran roles?

Misgivings aside, we fake onward in Wilson Combat’s à la grant options to see what a association had to offer. Of course, you’ll need a Glock to send in before selecting customizations, and a association offers model-specific enhancements and upgrades for Glock G17, G19, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35, G42 and G43 pistol models.

Since Wilson Combat is an FFL holder, consumers can send their guns in though going by an FFL, supposing that a gun earnings to a same residence from that it was shipped. To have a association perform work on any Glock pistol, a smallest work sequence contingency sum $100. The association will perform any requested work billed underneath this amount, though a check will be practiced to accommodate a $100 minimum.

The à la grant work options are divided into opposite segments that concentration on apart elements of a gun, such as a frame, slide, barrel, trigger, sights and finish options, along with a few diverse choices. For this Glock G19, we chose to daub a support and a left-side ride pad, supplement a high-cut trigger ensure and implement a hold block on a frame.

In a slide, we had a association implement a Wilson Combat Barrel, a stainless-steel choice with normal land-and-groove rifling that differs from a polygonal rifling used in Glock bureau barrels. The association combined fluting on a outward of a tub and cover and also commissioned a Shok-Buff boomerang aegis to a front of a slide. Additionally, a association commissioned a span of Wilson Combat tritium-illuminated Battlesights to finish a package.

Finally, a whole pistol was finished in a company’s Burnt Bronze Combat-Tuff coating, usually one of 28 opposite finish options offering by Wilson Combat in a à la grant customization shop. As for trigger options, during a time we sent in a OEM G19 for customization, a association usually offering drop-in triggers from Apex Tactical. However, now, Wilson Combat will do a possess tune-up of a trigger assembly, should a consumer enterprise it.

After a integrate months in a Ozarks, a gun came behind a bona-fide Wilson Combat Glock G19. In fact, a pistol looked so drastically opposite that we checked a sequence series usually to make certain it was a same firearm. There’s no denying that a gun looked stunningly softened than a bland, black pistol that shipped out for a full treatment.

However, looks are one thing. Did any of a enhancements combined to a pistol urge a performance? To find out, we headed to a operation to run a Wilson Combat Glock G19 by a paces, comparing some opening records opposite a OEM Glock model.

The initial member of a settlement that stood out on a operation was a extended hold and control offering by a company’s Starburst Pattern support stippling. This laser-engraved settlement offering a plain change of control and comfort, anchoring a support in a banishment hold though feeling as assertive as other texturing options on a market. In further to a frame, a thumb-pad stippling also offering an additional pleasing anxiety indicate for receiving a solid, secure, ambidextrous banishment hold on a gun, and a high-cut trigger ensure allows a gun to lay reduce in a hand, providing softened boomerang control.

Wilson Combat also commissioned a possess stainless-steel tub on a gun, ensuring a parsimonious jail and a flush-cut crown, along with fluting cut along a length of a tub and chamber. There are a series of apparent advantages of a tub design, such as a reduced weight, a extended cooling supposing by a increasing aspect area and a ability to fire lead-cast rounds. However, a genuine doubt was, “Will it fire better?”

With a OEM Glock bureau barrel, we shot a best five-shot organisation from 15 yards that totalled 1.94 inches in diameter. When a Glock G19 returned with a Wilson-Combat-fit barrel, we steady a five-shot organisation from 15 yards regulating a same ammunition. This time, a best organisation distance totalled 1.18 inches, a 0.76-inch rebate from a strange group. It’s value observant that a Wilson Combat tub seemed to perform softened after a few hundred rounds downrange.

Of course, a other prominence underline on a Wilson Combat-tuned G19 is a Burnt Bronze, battle-worn Combat-Tuff finish. It positively allows a gun to mount out from other nitride-finished brethren, and Wilson Combat touts a corrosion-resistance and combined insurance offering by a Combat-Tuff finish, and a knowledge with a pistol leaves no reason to doubt a toughness. After several months of daily lift and holster work, some slight wear is clear around a trigger guard, and that’s normal for any firearm finish.

Of course, a principal member to cruise in all of this is cost. When tallying adult all of a à la grant options offered, it’s easy for a cost to balloon past a strange cost of a OEM pistol. This Glock G19 was purchased for about $500 in 2015. The Starburst-Pattern stippling on a support costs $139, and an additional $20 for a thumb-pad stippling. A Single High Cut Trigger Guard will run $50, a combined Grip Plug was $15.

There’s poignant investment in a slip with a Wilson-Combat-fit barrel. The tub and implement runs $200, and a fluting and flush-cut climax shown on this indication supplement an additional $170. Undoubtedly, this is a poignant investment, though there are quantifiable advantages compared with that cost. The slip also facilities a Shok-Buff Recoil Buffer that adds an additional $10, as good as tritium-illuminated Battlesights that cost $111.

The Combat-Tuff finish for a whole pistol will cost consumers $350. As distant as application goes, a OEM Glock pistol finish, a gas-nitrided diagnosis finish with a Parkerized surface, guards these guns effectively, so most of a advantage with a Burnt Bronze finish is aesthetic.

There’s zero wrong with that. At a finish of a day, a concealed-carry gun is a rarely personal item. Not usually is it a partial of a person’s daily gear, it’s also a constantly carried sign of a personal shortcoming of all people for their possess reserve and security.

For an intent infused with such low purpose, it’s no consternation that many defense-minded adults select to supplement personal touches to their personal-defense firearms. Handgun Editor Tamara Keel argued in her mainstay that people should feel giveaway to customize their guns for usually that reason.

At a commencement of this project, we felt changeable about a prerequisite and application of such tradition upgrades. However, seeing, sharpened with and saddling adult my daily lift supply with this Wilson Combat Glock G19 gave me a new viewpoint on carrying a tradition personal-defense gun.

Before these tradition touches, this Gen 3 Glock G19 was usually a lift pistol. Now, it’s my lift pistol, finish with all a wants and needs to make my lift and sharpened knowledge some-more enjoyable. How can we put a cost on that?

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