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Rey Mysterio Wearing A Neck Brace At WWE Starrcade

Rey Mysterio returned to WWE only recently and hasn’t unequivocally had many high form opportunities to uncover what a can do. He mislaid in a World Cup Tournament and unsuccessful to make it a whole approach for a blue group during Survivor Series, and a post-match conflict from Randy Orton final week on SmackDown left him beaten down and maskless.

If you’d like a full Starrcade spoilers, you can get those here.

So when Mysterio showed adult to a Starrcade eventuality in Cincinnati, fans were a bit repelled to see Mr 6-1-9 sporting a neck brace. This could be signs of a legit injury, though it would always be personification adult a conflict from Randy Orton, hopefully, Mysterio is only personification adult a storyline conflict from The Viper.

During his shred during Starrcade, Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura took partial in a Miz TV shred and afterwards Nakamura kick down Mysterio that caused a arbitrate to run down and start a compare with Nakamura entirely in control.

Nakamura finished adult losing around DQ after The Miz interfered and afterwards Rusev ran down for a save and set adult during tab group match. After all was pronounced and done, a babyface group of Mysterio and Rusev won.

Odds are given Mysterio competed during Starrcade he’s okay. After all, WWE won’t concede their talents to work harmed during all, let alone if they need a neck brace. But Mysterio wearing a neck prop to a ring certain shows off a fact that they’re perplexing to keep a smoothness from a weekly radio product.

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