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Rob Gronkowski dangling one diversion for late hit

4:09 PM ET

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — New England Patriots parsimonious finish Rob Gronkowski has been dangling one diversion by a NFL though compensate for his late strike on defenseless Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White in Sunday’s 23-3 victory.

Gronkowski was penalized on a play though not ejected from a game. It is a initial NFL cessation for Gronkowski given he entered a joining as a second-round breeze choice with a Patriots in 2010.

Suspension hurts Pats, though not vital blow with Gronk accessible during Steelers

Missing Rob Gronkowski for a diversion isn’t ideal, though carrying him behind for a Week 15 lean that could establish home margin in a AFC is huge.

  • Bills blast Gronk’s ‘dirty play, reparation or not’

    An apologetic Rob Gronkowski pronounced he is “not in a business” of inexpensive shots following his late strike on Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White in a fourth entertain of Sunday’s game, with Micah Hyde agreeable in that “it was a unwashed play, reparation or not.”

  • “Your actions were not incidental, could have been avoided and placed a hostile actor during risk of critical injury. The Competition Committee has clearly voiced a idea of ‘eliminating extreme hits that have no place in a game.’ Those hits embody a play we were concerned in yesterday,” clamp boss of football operations Jon Runyan wrote in a minute to Gronkowski to surprise him of his suspension.

    In remarks to reporters after a game, Gronkowski had apologized to White for a hit, that came after an interception thrown in his direction. White was on a belligerent after a play, face down, when Gronkowski leaped on tip of him and put his elbow/forearm into a behind of his head/neck area.

    Gronkowski will interest a penalty, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

    White had been covering Gronkowski, carrying tugged his jersey during a track and afterwards seemed to pull him during a tip of a route. Gronkowski explained that he was dissapoint about not saying a penalty, as his disappointment turn was rising after being penalized progressing in a diversion for pass interference.

    “I usually don’t know because there wasn’t a flag,” he pronounced after a game. “It was a integrate times in a game, and they’re job me for a craziest things ever. And it’s crazy, like, what am we ostensible to do? And afterwards they don’t call that [on White]. It was usually frustration, and that’s what happened.”

    As Gronkowski walked off a margin during a finish of a game, he had a brief contention with arbitrate Gene Steratore and line decider Gary Arthur.

    Gronkowski was called for 4 penalties in Sunday’s diversion — descent pass interference, fake start, holding and nonessential harshness — and had been called for 5 all deteriorate entering a game.

    Since a start of his career in 2010, he has been called for 23 penalties that were possibly descent holding and/or descent pass interference. The usually skill-position actor who has been called for some-more such penalties over that camber is parsimonious finish Jermaine Gresham (29).

    Indianapolis Colts reserve Sergio Brown along a sideline; $8,268 for derisive late in Super Bowl XLIX opposite a Seattle Seahawks; and $9,115 for derisive in Week 6 of a 2016 deteriorate in a diversion opposite a Cincinnati Bengals.

    While Gronkowski wasn’t ejected from a game, there is fashion for a actor to be dangling nonetheless.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans wasn’t ejected from a Nov. 5 diversion opposite a New Orleans Saints for a blindside strike on cornerback Marshon Lattimore that led to a sideline scuffle. He was dangling one diversion for a hit.

    Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan was dangling one diversion after attack Green Bay Packers receiver Devante Adams in a conduct on a tackle in a Sept. 28 game. Trevathan, who wasn’t ejected from a game, was dangling dual games, and a cessation was reduced to one diversion after his appeal.

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