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‘Roseanne’ Canceled by ABC Hours After Racist Tweet by Roseanne Barr

Months before a uncover premiered, she pronounced that her children had taken her social media accounts divided from her. It was no tiny matter: Ms. Barr has used Twitter to foster swindling theories, and some ABC executives were disturbed that she competence contend something descent adequate to lead viewers or advertisers to revolt.

Ms. Barr has been outspoken in her support of President Trump, who called to honour her on the ratings for a show’s premiere episode, and in her opposition toward Hillary Clinton.

[Read an interview with Ms. Barr, in that she touches on her and her character’s support of President Trump.]

But as viewers flocked to “Roseanne,” to a pleasure of ABC executives, Ms. Barr returned to Twitter. None of her posts threatened a show’s success, nonetheless some did attract scrutiny. One of Ms. Barr’s messages indicted a survivor of a high propagandize sharpened in Parkland, Fla., of giving a Nazi salute; another concerned a swindling speculation about Mr. Trump sensitively violation adult a child sex trafficking ring including distinguished Democrats.

ABC was means to avoid debate in both instances.

“You can’t control Roseanne Barr,” Mr. Sherwood, a boss of ABC’s radio group, pronounced in an talk with The New York Times in March, when asked about her Twitter account. “Many who have attempted have failed. She’s a one and only.”

There have been other sources of controversy.

The revival’s third part featured a fun about dual ABC comedies with different casts, “black-ish” and “Fresh Off a Boat.” Ms. Barr’s impression and her husband, Dan, played by John Goodman, arise adult on a their vital room couch, carrying depressed defunct in front of a television. “We missed all a shows about black and Asian families,” Dan Conner said. To delight from a show’s studio audience, Roseanne Conner responded, “They’re only like us. There, now you’re all held up.”

The fun prompted an outcry though ABC shielded a show. “We felt writers were looking to tip a shawl to those shows,” Ms. Dungey pronounced this month. “It positively wasn’t meant to offend. we do mount by a ‘Roseanne’ writers.”

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