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Ruble Hits 10-Day High on Rising Oil Prices

The Russian ruble — that strike ancestral lows opposite a U.S. dollar progressing this month — started to recover some of a waste amid surging oil prices, a Interfax news group reported Monday.

As of Monday morning, a ruble was trade during 76.71 opposite a U.S. dollar, a strongest position in 10 days. The ruble also strengthened opposite a euro, trade during 82.99 to a European currency.

The cost for a Mar futures of Brent wanton oil rose by roughly 1 percent, reaching $32.49 per tub on Monday morning, according to Interfax.

After a tumble to $28 per tub progressing in January, oil prices started to grow final week on a behind of a matter by a conduct of a European Central Bank Mario Draghi on “review and probable reconsideration” of a financial policy, a RIA Novosti news group reported.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/556764.html